Mount M, Play’n Go’s slot machine that takes you back to prehistory!

The Scandinavian online casino games studio Play’n Go has brought mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, dodos and other steppe bison back to life in its new online slot machine Mount M. Few developers have dared to tackle the theme of the origins of humanity. But Play’n Go has done it, and brilliantly at that! Let’s find out why Mount M is a real success!

Play’n Go’s Mount M slot machine: immersive prehistory

Play’n Go has decided to take us back in time in its latest Mount M slot machine. The arrow on the dial stops more precisely around 3,000 years before our era, during the prehistoric period. Before the first men discovered writing, life was synonymous with danger at all times: particularly ferocious animals were fighting to be at the top of the pyramid!

Taking us to a snowy mountain setting, Mount M uses a game grid of 5 reels, 4 rows and 8,192 maximum expandable paylines, which is surrounded by archaic spears and makeshift weapons. The whole thing is accompanied by a very deep soundtrack produced with the help of didjeridoos. The art direction of Mount M is in any case breathtakingand is one of the big highlights of the game!

Of course, the gameplay of Mount M is based on very attractive mechanics. For example, as the player draws wild symbols, he collects glowing spheres. These allow the game grid to expand, splitting the three reels from the middle to the top. As the reels expand upwards, one of the different animal symbols turns into a mammoth, and the player gets an additional free spin!

A wide range of bonuses to hit the jackpot at online casinos!

Play’n Go’s new slot game comes with a number of bonus features to help you hit the jackpot. First, there’s the Fire Scatter icon that can award you 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins respectively. If you’re lucky enough to get five Scatter symbols on a single line, you’ll get 68 successive Spins !

Also, as explained above, the game’s Wild symbol can lead to a Re-Spin, in addition to turning one of the prehistoric animals into a mammoth. For example, by making three Wilds at the same time, these are three animals that will take the form of the sacred beast!

Play’n Go’s Head of Games, the ever-present Charlotte Miliziano, commented on the release of Mount M last week, ” Through the bonus features we build into our games, we like to tell a story. For example, Mount M™’s expandable reels not only allow players to hit more wins, these also offer new information as to the game’s plot. Our goal is to create a memorable experience, and that inevitably involves storytelling “.

Kayleigh Williams