focus on Pragmatic Play’s two new baccarat games

Developer, integrator and content provider for the iGaming industry Pragmatic Play launched two new online baccarat games last month: Fortune 6 Baccarat and Super 8 Baccarat. These two modern variants are intended to breathe new life into an aging table game, without altering its essence. Let’s take a look.

Fortune 6 Baccarat: a variant of baccarat that offers side bets

Last month, Yossi Barzely, director of business development at Pragmatic Play, announced the release of two new games of baccarat named respectively Fortune 6 and Super 8. Their goal: to give a new lease of life to one of the oldest table games around. To do this, Pragmatic Play has packed both products with features not found in the traditional baccarat variant.

Thus, Fortune 6 Baccarat enhances the classic baccarat by incorporating so-called side bets. In Fortune 6 Baccarat, players can predict which of the Player or the Banker will have the closest hand to 9. In addition, players can also opt for a side bet called “Fortune 6”. Developed exclusively by Pragmatic Play, this side bet offers big payouts if a 6 is drawn from the first three cards dealt by the dealer.

Super 8 Baccarat: a variation that offers more depth

Like Fortune 6 Baccarat, Super 8 Baccarat brings a new perspective to the original version of baccaratwhile providing more depth to the game. Super 8 Baccarat features another new kind of side bet, which allows the player to win instantly when the first two cards drawn by the dealer form a natural eight. What’s more, this bet also pays out when the cards dealt to the Player and the Banker are of the same suit!

Fortune 6 Baccarat™ and Super 8 Baccarat™ are two online baccarat games that strengthen our content line focused on traditional table games with innovative features. Prior to that, in recent months we developed new blackjack and roulette games. On the heels of that, we released Sweet Bonanza CandyLand™, a title inspired by popular game shows. Regardless, we remain confident in our ability to produce cutting-edge titles that players love “, explained Yossi Barzely.

If you like redesigned table games with modern features, check out Fortune 6 and Super 8 at Pragmatic Play online casinos!

Kayleigh Williams