U.S. Under Secretary of State calls Russia’s offensive on Bakhmut “pathetic

U.S. Under Secretary of State calls Russia’s offensive on Bakhmut “pathetic

U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland has called the Russian offensive on Bajmut “pathetic”. “pathetic” the latest offensive by the Russian Armed Forces against the city of Bakhmut.in eastern Ukraine, the scene of the latest clashes in a war that is now approaching its first annual anniversary.

For Nuland, one of the main challenges for the Russian authorities is in fact to get the population to continue to support the war against Ukraine, which is also being prepared to launch its own counteroffensive “for later”, as reported by CNN.

“I think the most interesting question Is whether the Russian people will tolerate thisgiven how many of their sons they are losing. In some detachments[the Russian Armed Forces]have lost more than half of their military equipment in this war, and more than a million of the best and brightest Russians have left the country,” Nuland said.

A Ukrainian missile launched at Bakhmut, now the epicenter of the war.

For Nuland, the offensive declared by Putin on February 24, 2021 has brought the Russian population nothing more than “death, destruction, loss of futureloss of technological and economic potential”.

According to the U.S. State Department’s number two, Russia has seen how, since the outbreak of the war, “more than 200,000” of its military personnel have been killed or woundedbut still Russian President Vladimir Putin is “arrogant enough to believe that he can defeat Ukraine”.

Kayleigh Williams