The danger of having loose weapons

The danger of having loose weapons

The danger of having loose weaponsa right barely enjoyed by American citizens, continues to provide daily news for the morbid morbidity of the most sensationalist media’s news pages.

The latest, which unfortunately may become stale as these lines are published, occurred on Tuesday at the University of Michigan, where a 43-year-old subject went on a shooting rampage against a group of students. and killed three, seriously wounded five others and did not continue the massacre thanks to the fact that someone, also armed, of course, left him dry.

Unfortunately, events like this happen everywhere, but in the first world power, from where theories of order and peace are imported, they are more frequent. The official statistics disclosed contemplate that so far this year.only fifty days, the number of shootings with victims has been seventy.

Society protests, but tries to protect itself – at least that is what one hears from many leaders – by approaching gun shops, examining the latest models of pistols or rifles and ends up taking one home. A bedside table without a revolver in the drawer is unguarded. Although the country is large, seventy shootings, with the corresponding sum of casualties, is alarming however normal it may be.

Of course, Justice has a lot of work to do. While I am writing these lucubrations, another murderer, named Payton Gendrawas sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, furloughs, or any other such sentence.

This is an exalted right-wing extremist militant who, from what can be deduced, especially hates colored citizensOn the tenth of last May, he shot at people in the city of Buffalo, frequented by many tourists who come to see Niagara Falls, and killed ten, a “heroic deed” of which, far from regretting it, he was very satisfied.

Kayleigh Williams