Pragmatic Play opens new offices in Malta

Leading online casino games industry provider Pragmatic Play has announced that it has opened brand new offices in Malta, where its headquarters have already been located for many years. The new space, which aspires to creativity, is spread over 950 square meters. According to Julian Jarvis, CEO of Pragmatic Play, the brand new premises have been designed to allow the company’s employees to flourish at the same time, regardless of their role and profession.

Pragmatic Play gets new workspace in the heart of Sliema, Malta

In the heart of Sliema, a very active area of Malta, Pragmatic Play’s new office has been built. Operational since a few days, the new working environment has expanded considerably compared to the previous one.

The new building features indoor and outdoor lounges that can accommodate as many as 75 employees. In addition to numerous meeting rooms, the new facility also features recreation and meditation areas where employees can relax.

According to Pragmatic Play, allowing everyone to take a relaxing break will ensure that the multiple talents of the existing teams continue to flourish. The strategy of the world famous iGaming provider, whose growth is particularly dynamic for the last five years, is to put people at the center of its concerns. ” Recently, we have been offering our employees the opportunity to participate in wellness activities offered by the company, such as personalized sports sessions or yoga classes We have recently started offering our employees the opportunity to participate in company-sponsored wellness activities, such as personalized sports sessions or yoga classes,” says one of the company’s human resources managers.

Pragmatic Play shows its commitment to the small Mediterranean island

The opening of a new state-of-the-art facility in its home country of Malta demonstrates Pragmatic Play’s commitment to the country. The inauguration of the new space, in which the company’s headquarters are now located, was a great success. which has received numerous international awardsis a major step forward. It is part of Pragmatic Play’s global project to contribute to the development of the small archipelago located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Strengthening our presence in Malta with new offices is an exciting time for us. We want our employees to thrive in an environment designed to meet their needs. We want them to have a pleasant place to work, one that offers both comfort and well-being “says Julian Jarvis.

And Pragmatic Play’s CEO concludes, ” We are growing at a fantastic pace and our new headquarters in Malta is a testament to our commitment to local decision makers, our employees and contractors. We now have an incredible facility that will allow us to be the best we can be. “.

Kayleigh Williams