near Bordeaux, a small clandestine casino dismantled by the police

On the night of Wednesday 28 September, at 2am, forty investigators from the Border Police (PAF) supported by the Raid burst into a warehouse located in the La Gardette area, in Lormont, on the outskirts of Bordeaux. They put an end to the activities of three illegal gambling organizers and also seized a large quantity of money and cocaine. Deciphering.

Illegal gambling room in Bordeaux: the police conducted a large operation

It is in a modest place with dimmed lights, invaded of smoke of cigarettes, that the players gathered around a table of poker were interrupted in the night of last Wednesday, September 28. Indeed, the police officers of the PAF intervened in a shed where about twenty people were present, with a drink in their hands, installed in comfortable armchairs made of woven cotton canvas. Most of them live in Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne and Charente-Maritime.

Also in the mix: the three organizers, a croupier and a waitress, who have given life to a small and modest gaming room where only poker is played. Created illegally about a year ago, the Bordeaux gambling den, open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, would have generated a net profit of € 305,000 !

Indeed, they are two thirty-year-old brothers and one of their close acquaintances who held the places. These last ones could realize thousands of euros of profits in only one night. The surveillance operations carried out around the building allowed the investigators to note the comings and goings of vehicles when everyone was sleeping, in complete discretion. The clients of the underground casino were French, often banned from gambling.

5,000 euros in cash seized by the PAF and cocaine eggs

At the time of the search, the PAF officers seized some 5,000 euros in cash and got their hands on about 20 cocaine eggs. The players questioned in the warehouse were not prosecuted. In addition to the three organizers who were taken into custody, four other individuals ended up at the nearest police station.

The organizers admitted to paying €2,000 a month in rent to a Turkish slumlord, who in fact rented up to six adjoining studios to nationals of his country, in exchange for €400 a month.

The latest news is that five men have been referred to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office. They have received a summons to appear before the criminal court in the spring of 2023. One of the charges is that they were involved in an organized gang ofoperations of prohibited games of money and chance.

Kayleigh Williams