Gran Turismo, here is the first video of the film

Gran Turismo, here is the first video of the film

At the CES 2023 press conference tonight, Sony showed the first video of the film of Gran Turismo, due out in August in theaters.

This is not an actual trailer, but rather a “sneak peek” that gives us a preview of the film. The video shows how much effort the staff, led by director Neill Blomkamp (District 9), put into recreating the look of the games with real racing cars. The drone shots are reminiscent of Gran Turismo trailers, while the racing is captured by cockpit cameras. There is also no shortage of high angled camera recreation of the games.

The film’s cast also appears in this Sneak Peek, addressing the audience directly. “This movie is made for cinema,” said Orlando Bloom, promising “sounds that vibrate in the body…. The audience will feel every jolt, every thrill of this 200-mile-per-hour ride.” Archie Madekwe, who plays Jann Mardenborough in the film, revealed that there will be “drama” and “a love story.”

With a screenplay by Jason Hall (American Sniper) and Zach Baylin (King Richard) and based on a true story, the project is described as the ultimate wish-fulfillment story of a teenage boy who plays Gran Turismo and, thanks to his skills, wins a series of Nissan races to become a real professional race car driver.

The Gran Turismo movie will be released in U.S. theaters on August 11, 2023. Shooting, which began in November, was completed in late December.

Kayleigh Williams