Twisted Metal, TV series could start as early as this year

Twisted Metal, TV series could start as early as this year

PlayStation Productions currently has several TV series belonging to PlayStation franchises in the works: in addition to The Last of Us, which is underway these weeks, the company is working on a Gran Turismo film, due out in August, and a project related to Twisted Metal. According to a new teaser by Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions, the very latter series could go on the air as early as this year.

Qizilbash tweeted a short clip of an elevator in a Sony HQ building: the video shows the Gran Turismo logo on the elevator doors and a graphic from The Last of Us on a wall. “PlayStation Productions this year in one elevator ride,” Qizilbash said, referring to the Gran Turismo movie and the TV adaptation of The Last of Us. However, he also added, “You can’t see me, but my head is also on fire,” followed by emoji of a clown and fire.

Both emoji are references to Sweet Tooth, one of the characters in the Twisted Metal series who has just such a clown face and flames on his head (as you can see in the image previewed at the news). Although there is no official confirmation, the video thus implies that the Twisted Metal TV series will air as early as this year.

Peacock announced exactly one year ago that it would be in charge of broadcasting the series, filming of which was completed in late 2022. At the moment we do not know who will be in charge of bringing the TV series to Italy, but we will know more as the months go by when, perhaps, we will receive the long-awaited release date of the first episode.

Kayleigh Williams