The Last of Us, episode 5 of the TV series will air Friday night

The Last of Us, episode 5 of the TV series will air Friday night

Tonight the fourth episode of the popular TV series by The Last of Us, and HBO has announced that the fifth episode, which was supposed to be released on the night of Sunday, February 12, to Monday, February 13, will arrive earlier than planned.

In order not to dovetail with the Superbowl, a sporting event that is widely followed in the United States (and has a few fans in Italy), HBO has decided to anticipate the broadcast of the fifth episode of The Last of Us on the night of Friday, February 10, to Saturday, February 11.

In addition, Sky has confirmed (via Nerd Movie Productions) that the release of the new episode of the series has also been anticipated in Italy. This means that episode 5 of The Last of Us in the original language will air at 3 a.m. on the night between Friday and Saturday only on demand on Sky and streaming on Now. Confirmed instead for the night of Sunday, Feb. 12, and Monday, Feb. 13, is the first linear broadcast, which will be followed by prime time on Monday.

The Last of Us TV series airs weekly on Sky and Now TV in Italy, with each new episode available on the night between Sunday and Monday. The third episode, which aired last week, hit a new ratings high on HBO and HBO Max: meanwhile, we await the share data for the fourth episode.

Kayleigh Williams