New Powerball Winner Wins Biggest Jackpot Ever

On Tuesday November 08, the managers of the famous American lottery Powerball have officially announced a new winner. A U.S. resident who bought a ticket with all five winning numbers (10-33-41-47-56) and the special “Powerball” number (10) won the jackpot of 2.04 billion dollarswhich is an all-time record!

The big winner will have to choose between collecting the whole sum through transactions spread over three decades, or being paid in one go but giving up part of his earnings to the American tax authorities.

After 40 draws without a winner, one player gets $2.04 billion!

California lottery makes its first billionaire! “, the California Lottery announced forty-eight hours earlier. Indeed, the historic jackpot of $2.04 billion The American Powerball lottery was won on Tuesday, after 40 draws with no winner. The ticket was validated at a gas station in Altadena, a city of 40,000 people located northeast of Los Angeles.

Just before the drawing, the Powerball jackpot was estimated to be about $1.9 billion. However, there were several upsets afterwards, including theThe unexpected influx of last-minute bettorswhich forced the organizers to postpone the date of the draw, originally scheduled for Monday. This is why the Powerball jackpot ended up exceeding the historic bar of two billion dollars.

In order to ensure the fairness of the results, and in accordance with California law, lottery officials ensured that the security process was not breached. Therefore, the winner’s name and personal information were not released immediately after the drawing without their consent. In addition, the Minnesota Lottery’s verification system reportedly failed on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8, further delaying the fateful announcement.

Powerball: only 1 chance against 292.2 million to win the jackpot

According to experts at the Multi-State Lottery Association (the central agency in charge of the draw), the odds of hitting the jackpot at the end of the most recent Powerball edition were only 1 versus 292.2 million.

This feat has been achieved by a resident of Altadena, and the identity of the latter will probably remain secret. Joe Chahayed, owner of the gas station where the winning lottery ticket was cashed, declared that he was “very happy” with the result. surprised, excited and happy “to learn that the winner has walked the floor of his business.

I’d like to know the person’s name, of course. You know, most of the people who buy lottery tickets from me live in the neighborhood. I really hope it’s one of them who hit the jackpot “, said Joe Chahayed.

Because he sold the winning ticket, the owner of the premises will receive 1 million dollarswhich is the maximum bonus awarded by the Powerball lottery. Joe Chahayed pledges to use the money to spoil his five children and help the surrounding community.

Kayleigh Williams