Constance ‘Connie’ Tomich, Melissa Zitterman: Mommie Made Daughter’s Classmate Murder Ron Tomich On Valentine’s Day– ‘Blood Relatives’


Constance ‘Connie’ Tomich and Melissa Zitterman murdered Ronald Tomich, aka Ron Tomich, on Valentine’s Day. The Linton, Indiana, holiday murder will play out on the sixth season premiere of Blood Relatives on Investigation Discovery. Thirteen years ago, Constance ‘Connie’ Tomich convinced her own daughter, Alyssa Tomich, to mastermind the murder of her stepfather. Then, Alyssa convinced classmate Melissa Zitterman to commit the heinous crime.


Blood Relatives episode “Bloody Valentine” on Investigation Discovery

When a hardworking father is found dead in his home on Valentine’s Day, his wife and daughter tell police it was a robbery gone wrong. However, there is one twisted detail in this case that makes detectives rethink the whole investigation.


‘Look What They Did To Ron On Valentine’s Day’

Ron Tomich, 51, was found dead on his kitchen floor on February 14, 2003. His frantic wife, Connie Tomich, 35, told investigators she and Alyssa found her husband after they returned home from shopping around dinner time.


During police questioning, Constance Tomich told investigators it must have been a robbery. However, that scenario didn’t fit the evidence at the scene. There was nothing missing, and someone had fired several shots. The first one missed Ronald Tomich. The other one struck him in the head. Indiana investigators were sure Ron Tomich was the target. However, they needed to figure out who had done it.


As police investigated the family’s background, some unpleasant facts began to emerge. On the surface, Ron and Connie Tomich seemed like an all-American couple, who lived a quiet suburban life in the small town of Linton. However, it was an unhappy home filled with continuous arguing between Alyssa and her stepdad.


Ronald Tomich had strict rules. He didn’t want Alyssa on the phone or on the internet before her homework was finished, and he did not like her boyfriend, Aaron Bixler. It didn’t matter to Ron that he wasn’t Alyssa’s biological father, and she resented her stepfather trying to control her.


‘She Wanted To Feel Sexy, And Ron Tomich Wasn’t Making Her Feel That Way’

Detectives also learned that Connie Tomich wasn’t happily married to Ron, a man who was around 15 years older. They didn’t have anything in common, and Ron Tomich wasn’t providing her with the exciting and rich lifestyle she wanted to live. She constantly talked about how unhappy she was with her husband to her daughter, Alyssa. Connie Tomich didn’t know it at the time, or perhaps she did, but constantly putting Ron down in front of Alyssa caused resentment to build slowly over time.


Investigators learned something even more interesting. Constance ‘Connie’ Tomich began having an affair with her husband’s friend and coworker. When they questioned him, he said Connie wanted him to find someone to kill Ron.



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Blood Relatives: Rumors Lead To The Truth

Police finally had the lead they were looking for. Someone in the family did this to Ron Tomich. The investigation started coming together after they heard rumors that the kids at school were talking about details of the murder. When police questioned Alyssa’s boyfriend, Aaron, he told them Constance Tomich also asked him to get rid of Ronald.


Investigators pressured Alyssa Tomich to tell the truth about what really happened. She finally pointed the finger at her own mother as the killer. Alyssa later changed her story, stating it was Melissa Zitterman, her classmate, who had pulled the trigger.


Alyssa said her Connie Tomich cried and told her she couldn’t live with Ron Tomich’s abuse anymore. She begged for her to find someone who could kill him. Sixteen-year-old Melissa Zitterman came from a broken and dysfunctional family. Alyssa believed Melissa was the perfect person to do it. When confronted with the evidence, Melissa Zitterman told it all. She said Alyssa and Connie invited her over to the home, where Connie Tomich showed her the layout and taught her how to shoot.


On Valentine’s Day, Melissa Zitterman watched Ronald Tomich as he stood in his kitchen. Then she fired. The shot startled and shocked Ron, who stood there looking at Melissa with a look of horror on his face. Frightened, Melissa claimed she continued shooting until Ron was down.


Constance Tomich: A True ‘Mommie Dearest’

In the end, Melissa said Connie Tomich’s only complaint was that she’d gotten Ron’s blood on the refrigerator. They say Constance ‘Connie’ Tomich was a coldhearted and calculating woman who loved to “play” when Ron was away working. Ronald Tomich was a devoted family man who wanted the best for his children.


Here is one more diabolical detail in the story–Ronald Tomich’s youngest daughter was in the car when they committed the crime. Sandia Tomich, 5, actually heard the shots that killed her daddy. Before Connie decided to murder Ronald Tomich, she wanted to give him toxic mushrooms or frame him for a crime he didn’t commit. She got the ideas from watching crime documentary shows on TV, according to GC Daily World.


Found this guy at work today and had to take him outside

Posted by Melissa Zitterman on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Where Are Melissa Zitterman, Alyssa Tomich, and Aaron Bixler Today?

Melissa Zitterman has a Twitter and Facebook page. On an episode of Lifetime Television’s Killer Kids, she said she did it because she felt sorry for the family and wanted to save them from the kind of life she had. Melissa blamed the entire killing on Connie. Today, Connie Tomich is in prison serving a life sentence for the murder of Ronald Tomich. Melissa Zitterman, 16, served only 10 years in prison and is currently out. She now has a family of her own.


Posted by Aaron Bixler on Friday, July 14, 2017


Aaron Issac Bixler, 17, only served six months. The Facebook page above appears to be the same man. TV Crime Sky couldn’t find a social media page for Alyssa Tomich or sister Sandia Tomich. Alyssa, 16, was given full immunity for her testimony. She never served any time in prison. Investigation Discovery’s Blood Relatives crime documentary airs tonight at 9 p.m.




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