True Crime

Cece Dove, Andrey Bridges: ‘Swamp Murders’—Missing Transgender Fatal Attraction Story Airs, Did Ohio Man Think ‘Cemia’ Was A Real Woman?

Cece Dove, a transgender female murdered by Andrey Bridges in Ohio, will have her fatal attraction story featured on Swamp Murders on ID. CeCe Dove, who also went by the name Cemia Dove but named […]

True Crime

Rashaunda ‘Shun’ Holyfield, Danielle Sullens: ‘Bojangles’ Manager Murdered Protecting Son From Crazed Woman

Rashaunda Holyfield, an assistant manager at Bojangles,’ was stabbed to death at her home in Birmingham, Alabama four days ago by Danielle Sullens, according to authorities. Rashaunda Holyfield, who many call “Shun,” died while trying […]