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Kevin Neal, Danny Elliott: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ ‘Deadly Turn’–Rancho Tehama School Shooter, Wife Killer

Kevin Neal (Kevin Jansen Neal), Rancho Tehama Elementary school shooter and killer of wife, Barbara Glisan, 38, will have his and Danny Elliott’s story re-told in Investigation Discovery Channel’s Fear They Neighbor: Deadly Turn. Neighbors […]

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Sheila Bonge, Wendell Popejoy: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor Games Of Homes’–Snowblower-Easement Shooting Death Case

Sheila Bonge was gunned down by crazed neighbor Wendell Popejoy two years ago as she used a snowblower to clear the driveway easement of her mobile home. Sheila Bonge’s murder makes the latest cut for […]

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Clyde Reddicks, Jeffrey “Bub” Flaugher: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor A Killer View,’–Vietnam Vet, Fireworks Feud In Kentucky

Cathy Reddicks’ husband, Clyde Reddicks, gunned down neighbor Jeffrey ‘Bub’ Flaugher in Carter County, Kentucky sixteen years ago. Details of the neighbor feud premieres on ID’s Fear Thy Neighbor: A Killer View tonight. Jeff Flaugher […]

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Stephanie McClurg, Jason McClurg: Watch ‘Til Death Do Us Part Love Sick’ Poison Kool-Aid Wife Killer

Stephanie McClurg was poisoned by husband Jason McClurg five years ago at their Winona, Missouri home. Investigation Discovery’s TV show Til Death Do Us Part will detail the murder story in the episode titled “Love […]