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Nathan Copeland, Barney Fuller: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor House Of Shards’–‘Happy New Year’ Lovelady, Texas Shootings

Nathan Copeland, 43, and Annette Copeland, 39, were shot dead by neighbor Barney Fuller in their Lovelady, Texas home in Houston County almost 17 years ago. Fear Thy Neighbor episode “House of Shards,” will dramatize […]

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Robert Earl Butts, Donovan Corey Parks: Execution Watch: Former Teen Killer’s Last Meal: Ribeye Steak, Bacon Cheeseburger, Strawberry Lemonade

Robert Earl Butts, Jr., killed Donovan Corey Parks in Georgia over twenty years ago. Next month, he’s scheduled to die for it. According to CBS-47, the forty-year-old death row inmate requested a rib-eye steak, a […]