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Investigation Discovery Churns Out Five New Mysteries, ‘Murder By Numbers,’ ‘Kiss Of Death,’ ‘Guilty Rich,’ ‘Gone,’ And ‘Grave Mysteries’

Investigation Discovery is churning out a new set of crime series for summer. In this approved list straight from Investigation Discovery’s press release for the 2017 slate, ID addicts can look forward to the following […]

True Crime

Antoine Stone, Robert Jones: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Pastor’s Double Life Led To Murder Episode ‘A Dying Declaration’

Antoine Stone, who was murdered by his lover, Robert Jones, on a New York street two decades earlier, is the topic for ID’s Reasonable Doubt. Former law enforcement officials say that Antoine Stone was in […]

True Crime

Haile Kifer, Nicholas Brady: ‘Hear No Evil’ Episode ‘Whispers From The Dead’ Neighbor Hid Bodies Til After Thanksgiving Dinner

When 64-year-old Byron Smith killed teen thieves Haile Kifer, 18, and Nick (Nicholas) Brady, 17, he waited until police detectives could finish their Thanksgiving dinner to call 911. That’s the┬áscenario for tonight’s Hear No Evil, […]

True Crime

Alyssa Barrett, Damarius ‘Wren’ McGriggs: ‘Love Kills’ Episode ‘Matchmaker To Murder’ Breast Implants Help ID Body

Alyssa Barrett wanted her mother DeCarol Deloney Cain dead. Her boyfriend, Damarius ‘Wren’ McGriggs, helped her carry out her wish. You’ll see the story as it is told on tonight’s upcoming crime series Love Kills […]

True Crime

Kelly Danaher, Raul Rodriguez: Murder On’Fear Thy Neighbor’ Episode ‘Neighbors And A Dead End’

The Kelly Danaher-Raul Rodriguez murder will be highlighted on Fear Thy Neighbor‘s upcoming episode “Neighbors and a Dead End.” The guilty party was Raul Rodriguez, a retired fireman, who lived next door. Rodriguez tried to […]