ChatGPT: Sam Altman believes ‘regulation is necessary’

ChatGPT: Sam Altman believes ‘regulation is necessary’

In the past few days, Microsoft’s testing of its Bing browser powered by ChatGPT has frightened a large number of people by the answers provided by the artificial intelligence, which ranged from depressive to aggressive.

In the midst of these discussions and scrutiny, the CEO of OpenAI, the company that created AI, Sam Altmanshared his thoughts on this branch of technology and warned that the world may not be “so far away from being a artificial intelligence potentially frightening” and said regulation will be “critical.”

Fears about AI

In a series of tweets Sunday, Altman said the transition to an AI-enabled future is “mostly good” and can happen quickly, like the transition from the “pre-smartphone world to the post-smartphone world.”

However, he cautioned that society needs time to adapt to “something as big” as the artificial intelligence.

“We also need enough time for our institutions to figure out what to do. Regulation will be critical and it will take time to figure it out; while current generation AI tools aren’t very scary, I think we’re potentially not that far away from potentially scary,” he tweeted.

He noted that one challenge with AI chatbots is that “people come away uneasy from talking to a chatbot, even if they know what’s really going on.”

Calls for regulation for years

This is not the first time Altman has talked about regulating artificial intelligence. He wrote about it on his blog in March 2015.

“The U.S. government and all other governments should regulate the development of SMI,” he wrote, referring to the artificial intelligence superhuman. “In an ideal world, regulation would slow down the bad guys and speed up the good guys; it seems that what happens with the first SMI to be developed will be very important.”

Altman’s Sunday tweet about regulation echoed comments made by Mira Murati, the CTO of OpenAI, who said in a February 5 interview with the magazine. Time that ChatGPT should be regulated, as it could be misused. “It’s not too early” to regulate it, Murati told the media outlet.

Elon Musk, co-founder of OpenAI along with Altman, said last Wednesday during the World Government Summit in Dubai that AI has “great, great promise” and capabilities, both positive and negative, but needs regulation.

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Kayleigh Williams