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‘My Baby Is Missing’: This True Story Likely Inspired Lifetime Movie (Stolen Innocence)

My Baby is Missing is most likely based in part or inspired by the article “My Baby Can’t Be Dead.” It appeared in Reader’s Digest about the Norma Armistead case. The original true crime took place in the seventies. My Baby is Missing is also known as Stolen Innocence. In the movie My Baby is Missing, a few details and the chronology of events are all mixed up, but it is inspired by the same story. Here are some clues: the birth mother is heavily sedated. She is later informed that the baby was stillborn. Then the mother learns her child was actually stolen. Now, the mother believes the nurse was an imposter and that her baby is still alive. There was another movie called Empty Cradle that is entirely based on this same crime story. TV Crime Sky‘s Traciy Curry-Reyes was the first to match the movie My Baby is Missing and Empty Cradle to the true story.


My Baby Is Missing True Story (Synopsis & Plot)

After a mother is told that her baby was stillborn, she has a feeling her nurse knows the truth and sets out to find her missing baby.


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More about that old Reader’s Digest article.

The article “My Baby Can’t Be Dead” appeared in the March 1982 Reader’s Digest article back in the 1980s. It discussed this devastating true crime story from the mother’s perspective. The real mother’s name was Mary Childs.

Other Stillborn Baby Kidnapping Cases

In 1994 or 1995, The Oprah Winfrey Show did a segment about women who were drugged and later told their baby was born stillborn. The death certificates had also been altered. In 1999,  a mother named Janet Johnson sued the hospital where her baby was born stillborn after watching the show. She was touched by the story of a woman who gave birth to healthy babies but was later informed her babies were stillborn. The investigation revealed the mother’s babies were sold.

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Traciy Curry-Reyes

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