‘The Perfect Bride’: Lifetime 1991 Movie Inspired by True Story of Several Female Serial Killers and Black Widows?


The Perfect Bride, a 1991 Lifetime movie, could possibly be inspired by or based on the true story of several female serial killers, including Vera Renczi, Ada Wittenmyer, and Nannie Doss, according to research by TV Crime Sky and Traciy Curry-Reyes. If you pay attention to several details in The Perfect Bride, you’ll see the movie mirrors several true stories of black widows and female serial killers who were obsessed with love, romance, and money.

The Perfect Bride Lifetime Movie Synopsis Plot

A sister becomes suspicious when she learns that her brother’s fiancee killed all of her other grooms before they got to the altar.



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Movies Based on True Stories: Facts in some real cases

Vera Renczi’s mother died when she was only 13-years old, and Vera was obsessed with finding love. She was also extremely jealous and highly suspicious of every husband and lover she had. It is said that she killed 35 people, including several lovers and two husbands, according to Unknownmisandry.

In Lifetime’s The Perfect Bride, the lonely woman desperately seeks a man who loves her. “She loved them, but they all lied to her,” the bride-to-be states in the movie. She is also extremely jealous, obsessed with weddings, and she fantasizes about being a bride. I think this was inspired by two dangerous women: Nannie Doss, who also had an obsession with romance and marriage, and Vera Renczi, a jealous and overly suspicious woman who believed all her men were unfaithful. Side note: Nannie Doss also most likely inspired the movie The Perfect Nanny.

The manner of death: lethal injections and the fact that she was a nurse in the movie is most likely inspired by several female serial killers who lethally injected their victims to make it seem as though they died of a heart attack.

Before this movie was made in 1991, Ada Wittenmyer’s case was heavy in the news. Ada was a lonely hearts killer, who enjoyed watching her men die from the poison she gave to them. I suspect she also inspired the 1987 movie Black Widow.


Note: some believe Vera Renczi was not a real person but a fictional character. Please check back as this article will be expanded.


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