Salt N Pepa True Story Movie On Lifetime Sizzles, Premiere Spoiler! Spinderella Story Left Out


Salt N Pepa, the sizzling hot female rap group from the 1980s, is the subject of the Lifetime true-story movie by the same name. The biopic stars G.G. Townson as Salt and Laila Odom as Pepa. It also stars Cleveland Berto as Hurby Azor and Jermel Howard as Treach.

The biopic and Lifetime movie follows the lives of college students Sandra Denton and Cheryl James, as they happen upon the rap/hip hop scene and rise to fame. This film is authorized and includes their most popular songs like Push It.



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The movie begins in 2005 at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Award, where Salt N Pepa grace the stage in their tight-fitting outfits and razor-sharp hair cuts. One interesting detail is how the lopsided hairstyle they were so popular for came about. It happened by accident when one of them chopped off too much on one side.

Teen girls all over the nation wore that haircut. Anyone who remembers this duo remembers how they impacted young pop culture. They set blazing fashion trends and discussed risque topics in their music.

There is an interesting reaction by Susan Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine. Lifetime movie viewers will also see Salt N Pepa deal with some serious issues in their lives: Salt struggles with weight issues and an eating disorder. Pepa finds herself in a troubled and violent relationship with Treach.


Salt N Pepa’s relationship falls apart. At first, they have a strong bond and promise not to leave each other. But after they become mothers, Salt feels very different about the racy music she sings and performs, which goes against her Christian beliefs. Pepa is the life of the party. She’s bold and brave and lives her truth. Pepa has a premonition of death, which turns out to be the death of her relationship with longtime friend Salt after she decides to leave the group.

Spinderella Left Out Of Movie

Wendy Williams’ radio voice and a portrayal of Arsenio Hall make it into the movie. If you’re expecting to see Spinderella’s story, you’ll be disappointed. She was left out of the movie. There is a brief mention of her, and, in at least one scene, there is a third young lady on the stage with them, but you don’t get a sense of who she is.
Spinderella took to social media and expressed hurt and disappointment that she was not part of the historical narrative, going even as far as to say she was “disempowered” by a group that built their name on empowering women.



Salt N Pepa is produced by Lifetime and Sony Pictures Television. Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Queen Latifa, and Shakim Compere serve as executive producers. Filming took place n Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Salt N Pepa airs this Saturday, January 23, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime. The documentary and interview special featuring the real people airs right after the movie. You’ll see rare footage, exclusive interviews, and new stories that viewers will hear for the first time. Loni Love will host.


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