‘Killer In Question’: ID’s Latest True Crime Show Features Olga Parlante, Thomas Cisco, Teresa McAbee, and Jeff Titus Cases


Investigation Discovery brings you Killer In Question, a brand new limited true-crime series that explores cases that are under dispute, according to a press release sent to TV Crime Sky. In these cases, someone was charged, but the question is: did these convicted killers commit the crime? The goal of this true-crime series is to take a risk and look at four cases that are under heavy scrutiny in their communities to create national attention, according to Group President Henry Schleiff. In other words, they are giving viewers a chance to look at the case with fresh eyes. The first episode of Killer In Question premieres on November 1 at 9/8 p.m. central.


“The Hunted”

Doug Estes and Jim Bennett, two hunters, are found shot to death in a state gaming area in 1990. The main suspect? Jeff Titus, a man who owned the property just next door, but he has an alibi. Ten years later, a cold case team finds clues, leading them back to Titus. Though he was convicted of the murder, Titus has always maintained his innocence. Upon further investigation, it is discovered that a serial killer was on the loose around the time of the murders. But is that enough to prove that Titus didn’t do it? Premieres November 1st at 9/8 central.


“The Girl in the Lake”

On the night of May 1, 1987, 11-year-old Teresa McAbee walks to a convenience store near her house in Mascotte, Florida. The next morning, a fisherman finds her dead body face down in the lake across the street. Investigators are convinced James Duckett, a rookie cop in town, could be a suspect. Eventually, Duckett is arrested and sentenced to death. But fifteen years later, a retired homicide detective renews contact with Duckett while he serves on death row. The interview leads to a trail of questionable evidence and disputed facts. Is it possible an innocent man is on death row? Premieres November 8th at 9/8 central.


“The Man with the Rabbit’s Foot” 

In 1997, three bodies were found inside a gas station refrigerator in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Two years later, Thomas Cisco, a friend of one of the victims, confesses to the murders. But family members don’t buy Cisco’s confession. The Parish’s law Sheriff’s son looks like a composite sketch released to the public. Cisco has also given unreliable statements over the years about what happened the night of the murders. Cisco is sentenced to 90 years in prison though many still believe he had an accomplice. Premieres November 15th at 9/8 central.


“The Bingo Queen” 

In March 1997, Angie Nihoff checks on her grandma, Olga Parlante, aka The Bingo Queen and is horrified to find that Olga has been brutally murdered. Angie calls 911 screaming but some believe it’s all an act. As detectives untangle the clues, they never find any concrete evidence tying Angie to the murder. Fifteen years later, cold-case detectives feed unidentified palm prints from the crime scene into a new advanced computer database. The prints come back a match to Bennie Hall, a man in prison for burglary. Hall is convicted of Olga Parlante’s murder and is sentenced to life in prison two decades after Olga’s death. But to this day some detectives still believe someone else could be involved. Premieres November 22nd at 9/8 central.

Red Marble Media produced KILLER IN QUESTION for Investigation Discovery. Executive producers are Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jacinda Davis and Stephen Dost.


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