Devin Capitulo, Oscar Mendoza: Missing Victorville Mom Found Dead & Buried In A Grave Says Brother | Timeline


Devin Capitulo, also known as Devin Marie Capitulo, was found dead, and her boyfriend, Oscar Mendoza, aka Oscar Camacho, is still missing. A relative tells TV Crime Sky’s Traciy Curry-Reyes the formerly missing Victorville, California mother was found buried in a field across from her home. The autopsy report is still pending and a cause of death has not been released. Oscar Mendoza (Oscar Camacho) disappeared after dropping off the two children. For weeks, Devin Capitulo’s family felt anguish over her whereabouts. The following includes an interview with her brother and a timeline in her disappearance. Devin Capitulo’s brother has asked TV Crime Sky not to publish his name or his parents’ names.


Doing It All On Her Own (Background on Devin Capitulo)

Devin Capitulo, a Filipino woman, age 30, lived with her boyfriend Oscar Mendoza, along with her two children, two boys—ages 11 and 6, in Victorville, California. Oscar Mendoza, a thirty-year-old Hispanic man, believed to be an undocumented immigrant, is the father of her six-year-old son. Sources say he seemed like a good father and embraced her older son as his own. Recently, Oscar had taken a recycling job, but the one who always held the family down, providing for them financially was Devin Capitulo. Rising from a few past difficulties, Devin had decided to get her life together.

Leaving her family behind in Nevada, the industrious and kind mother found some land, purchased a home, and secured a job in sales at Kelly Paper, where she made good money. “She was hired as a walk-in and now, she’s working for corporate,” her brother told TV Crime Sky. Even though she was doing well monetarily, life with Oscar was hard, and a relative told TV Crime Sky, Devin Capitulo was in an abusive domestic relationship.



Devin Capitulo left her past behind and worked her way up. She wanted to carve out a good life for herself and her boys. [Second Image via Facebook]


Worry Turns to Horrible Reality: Who Killed Devin Capitulo?

Missing for weeks, the family of Devin Capitulo was beside themselves with deep worry. What they found out broke their hearts into pieces: the entire time, Devin Capitulo was buried, not far from her home, and her car was found abandoned in San Diego, near the Mexico border. Relatives told Traciy Curry-Reyes, they believe she was dead on May 31, and that someone dug a hole in the ground and put her body in it. According to Devin’s brother, her body was pulled from a grave, and not a shallow grave.


“It wasn’t a shallow grave. She was buried. Someone had to dig up a grave and put her in there. They found her north of her house. She wasn’t very far at all.”


Family members also believe the killer had help.

“From my understanding, she was dead on the 31st and buried that night because the boys were dropped off by Oscar himself on June 1.”

With news of her senseless and tragic death, Devin Capitulo’s mother is devastated and sick. Her father is sad but trying to stay strong. Her children are grieving, and her brother is fighting back the tears as he holds the task of organizing the funeral. A GoFundMe page has been created to help with funeral expenses. Today, Oscar Mendoza, aka Oscar Camacho, is listed as missing.


An Unusual Disappearance: Timeline in the death of Devin Capitulo and Oscar Mendoza

Two Weeks Earlier: Devin Capitulo is seen around town. She visits family and last visits a neighbor a week before her disappearance and death. Initially, Devin’s family is told she was with Oscar when he dropped the kids at his parents’ home. However, video surveillance showed she was not with Oscar at the time. Here’s a quote from a family member.

“Our first impression, from what we found out was that they both dropped them off. But detectives, they found evidence—video evidence that—Oscar was the one who dropped off the boys. And [Devin] wasn’t there.”

Traciy Curry-Reyes’ asked Devin’s brother if there was domestic violence in the relationship. He answered, “yes,” and stated Devin told him and her friends the situation would often turn physical in the house with Oscar.

Between May 31 and June 1: Oscar Mendoza drops off the children at his parents’ home, at around 11:00 a.m. in Lynwood. Devin’s family contacts police when they find out she never returned to work. It’s unlike the couple to go missing, and they are described as “responsible” and “involved parents.” Police search Devin and Oscar’s home and find nothing unusual, and employers say they have not called into work. Police classify this case as a critical missing person case. 

Devin Capitulo’s car is found abandoned in San Diego, near the Mexican border, missing person posters are created, and everyone fears the worst. A relative makes the following post on Facebook.

“Long Beach, Victorville, San Diego & Mexico Areas—Our family wants to bring Devin Marie home safely back to her 2 boys & family.  On Sunday, May 31st
My little cousin Devin Marie Capitulo dropped off her 2 sons at her Boyfriend’s parents house in Lynwood, CA.  She was last seen with her boyfriend Oscar Camacho aka Oscar Mendoza she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Callers can remain anonymous @ WeTip (800) 78-CRIME or www. She is about 5’4, roughly 145 lbs and has visible tattoos on her arms & back of neck “Melanie.” (Side Note: Devin’s family is told she was with him. 

Here’s another Facebook post.

Its been almost 2 weeks that my niece Devin has been missing.. praying for your safe return to us.#finddevin #nevergivingup #prayerworks

Posted by Jennifer Capitulo on Saturday, June 13, 2020



June 16: According to Victor Valley News, police conduct an extensive search in the desert area near her house until nightfall. A dog finds human remains.

June 17: At 6 a.m., the missing person search resumes, and a body is located. An autopsy report confirms it is the body of missing mother Devin Marie Capitulo. A cause of death is pending. The family is notified that Devin’s body was found buried.

June 24: A GoFundMe page is created to help with funeral expenses for Devin Capitulo. It reads this way.

“Our beloved daughter & sister was found dead after been missing since May 31st, 2020. On June 18, we as a family found out that she was buried across from her house, deceased. Our family has been grieving ever since the news. We live in Las Vegas (Devin’s Mother, Father, And Brother). She was survived by 2 sons, 6 & 11. Our family would like to hold a service in her honor for us and for everyone who loved her in Long Beach, CA. So from our Family, we ask, any donation would be greatly appreciated after this horrific/ unexpected tragedy. In Honor of Devin.”


My heart is heavy as we pray for the entire family of Devin Capitulo at this time❤️Thank you to ALL of you who helped me…

Posted by Cece Gutierrez on Wednesday, June 24, 2020



TV Crime Sky will continue to update this article as new information comes in. Authorities have not named Oscar Mendoza as a suspect publicly. He is still missing.



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