Robin Sowders, Andre Wells: Bloomington, Indiana Murder On ‘The Devil Speaks No Remorse’


Robin Sowders and Andre Wells Bloomington, Indiana murder case airs on The Devil Speaks: No Remorse on Investigation Discovery (ID). Police records show Andre Wells, 24, killed his stepfather, and spent more than a year hiding his secret. The cold case was solved two years later. Andre Wells is serving 60 years in prison for Robin Dwight Sowders’ death.


The Devil Speaks episode “No Remorse” on Investigation Discovery (ID)

An injured man is found in his home, and it takes police many months to find the killer.



Posted by Justice for Robin on Friday, August 26, 2016

Robin Sowders’ Circumstances of Death

On a crisp Sunday morning in 2010, Robin Sowders was found badly battered on his bedroom floor at his Moffett Lane home in Bloomington, Indiana. The person who found him stopped by to visit the 51-year-old man. The victim’s chained dog barked and behaved erratically, and the front door had swung wide open as if someone left in a hurry. Bloody prints on the walls indicated Robin Sowders has stumbled around inside his house before finally collapsing onto the floor.

When paramedics and police arrived, Robin Sowders was lying in a pool of blood and moaning from facial and head injuries. It looked like someone had used a heavy ashtray to strike him repeatedly. An autopsy report confirmed Robin Sowders was bludgeoned to death. Relatives were heartsick upon learning what happened to Robin.

Who had done this terrible thing to Robin Sowders was a mystery, though Sowders’ father knew some people had intimate details of the case. In a shocking twist, the killer was Robin Sowders’ stepson, Andre Wells, who later confessed to a wired police informant that he stole Sowders’ garage tools and then stomped him to death. He also said he’d do it 10,000 over. Jurors got to hear the confession on tape in which he showed absolutely no remorse.

Andre Wells allegedly killed his stepdad after listening to a threatening message Robin Sowders left on his mother’s cellphone, indicating he’d inflict harm on the woman’s young son. This conflicted with what he told detectives during the preliminary investigation, which was that he last saw Robin Sowders walking around drunk and that he left the house.

In 2013, Andre Christopher Tracey Wells (Andre Wells) was finally convicted. Relatives still grieve heavily. It pained everyone that the same man who drank and smoked with Robin Sowders could be the same one to take his life inside his own home. You can find his obituary here.

Watch the story of Andre Wells and Robin Sowders on The Devil Speaks: “No Remorse” this Monday, November 11, at 9 p.m. on the ID channel.


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