“Was I Really Kidnapped?”: Lifetime True Story Movie: Inspired By Sherri Papini


Was I Really Kidnapped? is a Lifetime true story-inspired movie that could have been based on the Sherri Papini kidnapping case. It airs tonight on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Was I Really Kidnapped? Lifetime movie tells the story of a young woman who was abducted and released. But no one believes her story. The cast of Was I Really Kidnapped? stars Michelle Mylett as Elle, Jacob Blair as Billy, and Anna Hardwick as Jen.

Was I Really Kidnapped: Plot–Release Date Nov. 8, 2019

  • After being abducted, Elle is released all of a sudden and dumped on the side of the road. Frightened and worried, Elle’s sister and boyfriend frantically try to find and rescue her. Elle tells them her captor let her go without any explanation at all. During an interview with police, Elle can’t recall certain facts, and police think she’s making up the details as she goes along and possibly faked her own abduction. Now, Elle’s sketchy story is in question, and she must find her kidnapper’s identity and prove that she was really kidnapped.


Was I Really Kidnapped?: Which True Story Inspired The Lifetime Movie?

The case of Sherri Papini sounds like the true story basis for Was I Really Kidnapped? In 2016, Sherri Papini disappeared while out on a jog near her Redding, California home. After her husband couldn’t find her, he used the Find My iPhone app to pinpoint her location. Missing for about 21 days, Sherri Papini mysteriously turned up on the side of the road. She told her family and the police that her abductors released her. Police doubted her story after a man’s DNA was found on her body. The male DNA did not belong to her husband. Sherri Papini originally claimed she was kidnapped by two Hispanic-Latina women, according to People.

Watch the Was I Really Kidnapped? Lifetime movie tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN.

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Was I Really Kidnapped? | Friday Promo

Was she? 🤔 Find out with Was I Really Kidnapped? starring Michelle Mylett Friday at 8/7c.

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