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Tricia Todd, Steven Williams air force story is on ID’s The Object of Murder: “Beauty for Ashes”: Tricia Todd, a sweet-faced Hobe Sound, Florida, mother went missing in the spring of 2016. The body was found a month later. Her story opens the new season premiere of The Object of Murder, a crime TV show on Investigation Discovery. Tricia Gayle Todd, 33,  left behind a two-year-old daughter (Faith). Tricia’s ex-husband Air Force soldier Steven Williams, 30, was the last person to see the Treasure Coast Hospice nurse alive before she disappeared. Today, he is serving a 35-year-sentence in prison for her death.

The Object of Murder episode “Beauty for Ashes” on ID

In the small beach-town community of Hobe Sound, Florida, detectives investigate the disappearance of a single mom, Tricia Gayle Todd. Among the suspects are a ventriloquist, a preacher, and an Air Force ex-husband.

A Mystifying Case

Everyone knew something was deadly wrong when she didn’t pick up her daughter, Faith, from the babysitter. Outside relatives found her purse and keys. Tricia Todd’s brother called police and reported her missing. A whole month passed without any sign of Tricia Todd. Family members took to Facebook to keep attention on her vanishing.

The investigation unveiled Tricia Todd was in love with a local ventriloquist, who didn’t love her back. She also had confided in a local preacher. However, all leads circled back to her ex Steven Isaiah Williams, a seemingly nice-officer with no prior record. A check into his background painted a darker picture—a history of abusing his wife and animals. His own mother believed he harmed Tricia when she came up missing.


BREAKING NEWS: Steven Williams, a North Carolina airman and ex-husband of Florida resident Tricia Todd, used a chainsaw…

Posted by WRAL TV on Friday, May 27, 2016


At the U.S. Air Force base in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Williams was stationed, detectives broke him down and got a confession. Steven Williams admitted they argued over money problems, and he pushed Tricia Todd, causing her to fall and bump her head. Startled, he noticed her breathing was shallow, so he drove to a remote location and placed her body on the side of the road with a granola bar and some water nearby just in case she recovered. Weeks later, his story changed.

  • Steven Williams said he killed Tricia Todd and dumped her body in the woods. There was one more disturbing detail: Steven Williams killed his wife in front of their child.
  • Finally, he led detectives to a mushy, swampy area in the John C. and Mariana Jones Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area in Martin County, Florida, where he put her body in a Rubbermaid container and filled it with a corrosive liquid. Everyone was sick upon pulling back the lid and seeing Tricia in there.

Prosecutors say this was planned, and that Steven Williams had almost gotten away with the perfect murder. They say he drove several hundred miles to see Tricia Todd, bashed her in the head when he opened the door then killed her when she woke up screaming.

After driving to the wildlife area, Steven Williams put on goggles, picked up the chainsaw, and did the unthinkable. Later, he discarded the body in a grave he dug the day before. Divers found teeth and a chainsaw in an alligator-infested canal.

It was a tragic ending for a single mother who loved to smile, loved to worship God, and loved her daughter, Faith. Emblazoned in the memories of many is the image of little Faith clutching red roses as a rainbow hovered above and her mother was lowered into the ground at a military cemetery, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Watch how police pulled the case together on the season premiere of The Object of Murder: “Beauty for Ashes” at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery Channel.

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