Grant Hardin, James Appleton: Benton County, Arkansas Police Chief Killer On ‘Shattered: Do You Know My Voice?’


Grant Hardin, James Appleton Benton County, Arkansas murder case: Grant Hardin’s wife, Linda Hardin recounts the slaying of James Appleton in Garfield, nearly three years ago on the show Shattered episode “Do You Know My Voice?” Linda Hardin was unaware her husband, Grand Hardin, had led a double life and had once violated a Rogers school teacher in 1997 and killed a man almost two decades later. Shattered: “Do You Know My Voice?” will unfold all the events leading up to James Appleton’s death.

Shattered episode “Do You Know My Voice?” On Investigation Discovery (ID)

Linda Hardin’s perfect life with her husband, Grant, is pure bliss. But when he becomes the prime suspect in a brutal murder, Linda is sure police have the wrong man until they pay her a home visit with evidence of another crime he committed decades prior.

It was November of 2017, when James Appleton, a Gateway city worker, was shot to death as he sat in his car while talking on the phone to his brother-in-law, Mayor Andrew Tillman. A witness to the attack saw the killer pull away after he shot Appleton in his parked car.

The killer turned out to be Grant Hardin, a former constable, and ex-police chief, who had served two terms in Arkansas. It was difficult to establish a motive in the killing. Arrested on capital murder charges, Grand Hardin finally confessed to killing James Appleton and offered an apology.

During the time Grant Hardin was firing the fatal bullet into James Appleton’s skull, Linda Hardin thought her husband was outside working in the yard. The dead man’s body was found slump over in his car on Gann Ridge Road in Garfield, very close to where Grant and Linda Hardin lived.

Since he confessed, Benton County prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. Grant Hardin was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the homicide. That conviction led to more charges in a 20-year cold case. In 1997, at the age of 28, Grant Hardin (s) violated a Frank Tillery Elementary School teacher. According to the victim, he approached her barefoot and wearing sunglasses and a stocking cap. The way the crime was carried out led police to believe a person in law enforcement was behind it. DNA left on her body helped seal Grant Hardin’s fate, according to NWA Online.

Today, Grant Hardin is serving 30 years plus an additional 50 years in prison. Watch how the story plays out on Shattered: “Do You Know My Voice?” tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.



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