‘Your Family Or Your Life’: Watch Lifetime Movie (LMN)


Your Family Or Your Life premieres on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Starring Jennie Garth and Alexander Carroll, Your Family Or Your Life tells the story of a successful doctor who must solve her husband’s killing. The Lifetime movie cast also includes Luca Bella (Luca Facinelli) and Alexandra LeMosle. Watch Your Family Or Your Life. It airs Friday, November 1, at 8/7 p.m. on LMN.

Your Family Or Your Life On Lifetime (TV Crime Sky’s Synopsis)

The perfect life of Dr. Kathy Meyer is toppled after David, her loving husband and a prominent lawyer, is found dead from what looks like a suicide. A nearby suicide note prompts detectives to close the book on the case. Kathy knows her husband didn’t kill himself, and she wants police to investigate David’s death as a homicide. When they refuse, Kathy investigates with her daughter by her side. As the mother-daughter team sleuths further, they find that David had some explosive information about a billionaire banker. Now, there are two things left to do: find her husband’s killer and protect her daughter.

Here is Lifetime Movie Network’s official description.

“Dr. Kathy Meyer’s (Jennie Garth) perfect world is turned upside down after husband David (Alexander Carroll), a successful civil attorney, is found dead in their home of an apparent suicide. It’s an open and shut case for the police, but for Kathy it’s an impossibility and David’s strangely worded suicide note points toward foul play. With the help of her daughter April (Luca Bella) and best friend Michelle (Alexandra LeMosle), Kathy decides to investigate and soon discovers that her husband had uncovered damaging information exposing a billionaire banker. Now Kathy must not only catch her husband’s killer but must make sure she and her daughter aren’t the next victims.”


[Image via Lifetime/with permission]