Marlene Warren: Sheila Keen, A Killer Clown Strikes On ID


Marlene Warren clown murder: Marlene Warren was shot by killer clown Sheila Warren almost three decades ago at her house in Wellington, Florida. A Killer Clown Strikes will dramatize the true crime on ID (Investigation Discovery). For 27 years, the unsolved murder sat as a cold case in police archives. Sheila Keen-Warren was later identified as the killer. Marlene Warren’s son, Joey, now has the justice he’s been searching for.

A Killer Clown Strikes on Investigation Discovery Channel (ID)

A knock at the door ends in tragedy when a suburban housewife is shot by a person dressed as a clown.


Dead By Daylight: The Sheila Keen-Marlene Warren Flower Delivery Murder

In May of 1990, a posh suburban neighborhood in West Palm Beach, Florida, became the scene of a shocking murder. Witnesses say a flower delivery person dressed as a clown with red and white carnation flowers and balloons shot and killed Marlene Warren, a 40-year-old businesswoman after she answered the door of her beautiful ranch home in Wellington, according to People.

Paramedics arrived at 15470 Take Off Place in the Aero Club subdivision, where they found Marlene Warren with a gunshot blast to the face. She was transported to the local hospital and was placed on a respirator as she fought for her life. Sadly, she passed away two days later.


Sheila Keen-Marlene Warren murder case: the woman on the right dressed in a clown suit and shot her lover's wife in the…

Posted by Traciy Curry-Reyes-TV Crime Sky on Monday, October 15, 2018

For years, no one knew who did it. The case puzzled detectives because Wellington, with its large homes, and rich residents, wasn’t the kind of place where people are shot dead. Over the next several days, police spoke to friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Marlene Warren’s son from a previous marriage, Joseph L. Ahrens, age 21, told detectives while he entertained friends, someone came to the door and shot his mother when she answered. Wearing a Bozo The Clown suit, the killer walked calmly away from the door and drove away in a white car. He didn’t know if the killer was a man or a woman. The Chrysler LeBaron was located at a Royal Palm Beach shopping mall after it was reported stolen.

More than 200 Family members and friends bid farewell to Marlene Warren at her funeral on June 2. Everyone was upset and questioning why anyone would shoot a woman who answered her front door. As they worked on more leads, detectives were led to a costume shop. A review of their receipts showed a 27-year-old woman named Sheila Keen bought a red wig, an orange nose, white gloves, and a clown suit.




And there was something else. Sheila Keen was having an affair with Marlene Warren’s husband, Michael Warren, who had broken up with Sheila Keen two weeks before the killing. The extramarital fling began while Sheila Keen and Michael Warren worked together at a car rental agency.

Marlene Warren’s husband, who was the owner of a used car lot, was arrested in a highly organized raid in October of that year for auto theft and racketeering charges. The shady businessman was also a suspect in the killing of his wife, Marlene Warren, at that time, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Michael Warren denied killing Marlene Warren, stating the police were “out to get” him. With no evidence, the Marlene Warren-Sheila Keen case went cold. A year later, detectives told the press they knew who dressed in the clown uniform and shot Marlene Warren but needed more proof to build their case.

For decades, it looked like the case would never be solved. But police were hopeful one day DNA could help nail the killer. The lucky break came in 2017. During that time, Sheila Keen lived a normal life. She opened the Purple Cow restaurant and married Michael Warren, Marlene Warren’s husband. But after 30 years of good living, it was time for 54-year-old Sheila Keen to pay up. She was arrested during a traffic stop on Good Hope Road in Abingdon, Virginia, and charged with 1st-degree-murder.

Sheila Keen-Warren is still in a Florida jail as she awaits a trial and verdict, which is scheduled for sometime in 2020. Investigators say the murder was well-planned and well-executed. Many are calling for the death penalty. Watch A Killer Clown Strikes on Investigation Discovery tonight at 9 p.m. The Marlene Warren Sheila Keen case also aired on an episode of Unmasked.


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