Roger Motley, Lynda Block: ‘Shattered No Way Out’—Opelika, Alabama Cop Killer


Roger Motley, an Opelika, Alabama police officer, was shot dead in the line of duty by George Sibley and Lynda Block as he investigated a possible Alabama child kidnapping. Shattered: “No Way Out” recounts the dramatic events. Roger Lamar Motley was shot in the parking lot of a Walmart shopping center in 1993. Florida fugitives George Everette Sibley, Jr., and Lynda Lyon Block received the death penalty.

Shattered episode “No Way Out” on Investigation Discovery

“On a bright day in 1993, a child in need of help leads to a shootout and an officer down. The gunmen flee the scene, but Alabama police are on the hunt for two killers.”

While on duty in 1993, Roger Motley was approached by a woman who heard a child crying or calling for help. Worried the family was homeless, she asked the police officer to check it out.

Officer Roger Lamar Motley approached the vehicle in question and found a nine-year-old boy inside with two adults, George Sibley and his common-law wife, Lynda Lynn Block.

The Bonnie & Clyde pair were on the run from Orlando, Florida, where they were wanted for domestic assault charges, stemming from the stabbing and burglary of Lynda Block’s previous husband—an 80-year-old man named Karl Block, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“The [extremist] couple published anti-establishment magazine. () [Lynda]Lyon was married to Karl Block. () They lived in a house at 4560 Eden Wood Circle [in] Orlando. In December 1991, Lyon and Block separated. () In the summer of 1992, Block petitioned a judge to get the house. In August, Lyon and Sibley showed up at Block’s apartment. They covered his mouth, forced him inside, and pushed him into a chair.”

Killer George Sibley stopped at that location in Opelika, Alabama so Lynda Block could use the phone. Officer Roger Motley then asked George Sibley for his driver license. Sensing something strange, the officer put his hand on his gun while Motley retrieved his gun before moving the car so he could pick up Lynda.

Once a shootout ensued, Lynda Block pulled out her gun and shot Roger Motley in the chest. Staggering, the wounded officer made it to the police car and radioed for help. Court records show Lynda caught Roger Motley by surprise.

Several people witnessed the police officer’s murder, and Lynda and Roger put many people at risk that day. Roger Motley was transported to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead. Roger Lamar Motley and Lynda Lyon Block considered themselves patriots and didn’t appeal their death row convictions at first.

On death row, Lynda Cheryle Lyon Block was executed by the electric chair known as Yellow Mama on May 10, 2002. She made no final statement and had no last meal requests. George Sibley made a final appeal but died by lethal injection on August 4, 2005.

Roger Motley’s sad widow wanted to watch both executions, according to Clark Prosecutor’s website and Montgomery Advertiser.

“Hatred and bitterness were poisoning everything in my life. I had to learn to put that down,” Motley said. “I loved Roger with all my heart, but there was nothing I could do to go back and change that one day.”

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