Eunice Baah, Seth Aidoo: Ghana Couple Voodoo Murders On ‘Fatal Attraction’ Bloody Superstition

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Eunice Baah and Seth Aidoo voodoo murder story airs on TV One’s Fatal Attraction tonight. The episode titled “Bloody Superstition” will re-enact the Prince George’s County slayings that left Seth Aidoo and his pregnant lover, former Ghanaian beauty queen Eunice Baah dead in their home located in the posh gated Oak Creek division of Upper Marlboro in Maryland. The homicides were masterminded by Sheila Aidoo and carried out by Delford Barnes, and Samuel Culley Jr.


Fatal Attraction episode “Bloody Superstition” on TV One Synopsis

Two immigrants from Ghana come to the United States to be rich and find the American dream. But when they are found murdered in their million-dollar home, the crime investigation takes investigators down a dark road of ancient superstitions, witchcraft, voodoo, and black magic.




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Prince George’s County: Voodoo & Dark Magic Murders

In the days leading up to January 14, 2009, Seth Aidoo and Eunice Baah lost contact with friends and family. Worried, a friend called police to ask them to perform a welfare check. Upon arrival at the 14518 Turner Wooton Parkway Oak Creek home, officers found Eunice Baah and Seth Aidoo dead.

Medical examiners concluded a three-months-pregnant Eunice Baah was shot in the head while Seth Aidoo had sustained fatal stab wounds to the body. The double murders alarmed the Upper Marlboro community and residents back home in Ghana.

The horrible slayings were masterminded by Sheila Aidoo, the estranged wife of Seth Aidoo. Sheila Aidoo was jealous Eunice Baah, who was pregnant with Seth’s child, had gotten cozy in her  upper-crust home. 

Detectives say Sheila Aidoo wanted her house back, and she had her eye on Seth’s $600,000 insurance policy, The Washington Post reported. She got help from her boyfriend, Delford Barnes, and her brother, Samuel Culley Jr.

The evidence gathered by police included surveillance video, which showed the killers in the area on the day of the murders, and Seth Aidoo’s Mercedes was found in Glenarden. The state also had Delbert Barnes’ DNA, which was found under Seth Aidoo’s fingernails. The transfer of DNA was made during the struggle between Delbert Barnes and Seth Aidoo.

More evidence revealed Sheila Aidoo gossiped and spread nasty rumors about Eunice Baah and Seth Aidoo before the murders. Investigators also found what appeared to be a cursed black candle, possibly used in a voodoo ritual, with Seth Aidoo’s home address and a deadly message carved into the candle, court records show.

“I wish you would burn in a house fire”() “I wish you will drown in water.”() “I want you to take a knife & kill yourself. () Seth please die.”() I just want you to die die die die die die die die die.”


Delford Barnes’ attorney denied the murders were tied to voodoo. Friends say Eunice Baah was a gorgeous woman, who was also pleasant, polished, and classy. Eunice left behind her children Jason Yeboah and Janelle Dankwah. In 2010, Delford Barnes was given a life sentence without the chance for parole. The star witness against him was Samuel Culley Jr. 

Watch the Seth Aidoo, Eunice Baah’s story on Fatal Attraction: “Bloody Superstition” tonight at 9 p.m. on TV One.

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