‘Erasing His Dark Past’: Watch LMN’s Friday Night Movie, Starring Laurie Fortier

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Erasing His Dark Past (Erasing His Past) is a new movie scheduled to air on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). The story is centered around a woman whose life falls apart after she falls in love with a handsome stranger. Erasing His Dark Past (Erasing His Past) stars Laurie Fortier as Karen, Mary Badham as Barbara, and Michael Welch as David.

Erasing His Dark Past (Erasing His Past) Lifetime Movie

Karen never thought she’d find love again. All that changed when a handsome man comes into her life. His sweet words sweep her off her feet, and they marry.

But tragedy strikes a second time when she loses her love in a plane crash. The burial is hard enough, but a phone call from the bank informing her that the mortgage is months behind sends her into a frenzy, especially when she learns that David wasn’t all that he seemed. Does she find another wife in her dead husband’s past?

To find out, watch Erasing His Dark Past (Erasing His Past) this Friday night at 8/7 p.m. on Lifetime TV. Lifetime’s official plot summary.

“Karen’s perfect life starts to fall apart after her husband is presumed dead in a plane crash.

As she works on getting David’s affairs in order, she begins to realize that her husband was not all he seemed, discovering he had multiple identities, massive debt and warrants out for his arrest. As Karen searches for the truth, she realizes that she never really knew the man she loved.”

Erasing His Past is directed by Jared Cohn, written by John Burd, and produced by Dawn’s Light.



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