Michael Davis, Andre Jackson: ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Leaf-Blower Yard Murder Watch ID


Michael Davis, Andre Jackson Leaf-Blower Yard Murder Case airs on Investigation Discovery. Fear Thy Neighbor will re-enact the terrible events. Michael Davis, 49, didn’t like anyone or anything “messing up” his pretty yard, and Andre Jackson, 51, was one of those neighbors who always managed to do it. The neighbors’ quarrels finally escalated to murder when Andre Jackson shot and killed Michael Davis in his own lawn almost six years ago in the Bedford Heights section of Ohio.

Here’s the appalling part: Andre Jackson walked away a free man. There seems to be a mix-up in the episode titles. (*******The case is listed under two Fear Thy Neighbor titles—Blown Away and Not In My Yard. Michael Davis’ case should air this weekend. If not, stay tuned to the weeks ahead.)


Fear Thy Neighbor episode Not In My Yard (Blown Away??)

Sudden break-ins in the community rattle the peace of tight-knit residents, and good friends turn into deadly enemies.


Michael Davis was proud that he lived in a nice suburban neighborhood—the kind of area with tree-lined streets and enough quiet to lull anyone to sleep. But there was one person who constantly disturbed his peace: Andre Jackson. Prosecutors say for years the two men argued back and forth about water backing up in a drain near Michael Davis’ home and trash and debris ending up in his yard.

Michael, an expert landscaper, liked to keep his yard neat and clean. It angered him to no end when neighbors infringed upon his tranquil suburban lifestyle, according to Fox-8.

“He couldn’t stand to see leaves in the driveway. He always wanted it really clean and everything,” said the victim’s wife.”

A bit of a braggart, Michael had no problem telling people he knew boxer Mike Tyson personally and was his partner at one time. To some residents, Michael Davis was a neighborhood bully who’d cause trouble if everyone didn’t fall in line.




June 25, 2014 Bedford Heights, Ohio Wednesday night 7:00 p.m.

Police were dispatched to 5344 Fairtree Rd in Bedford Heights. Officers found a man with several bullet wounds to the chest. The victim was none other than Michael Davis. His wife, Lisa Penn, had just arrived home from an evening bike ride when she saw her husband stumbling around in the front yard as he was shot. Watching in horror, she remembered Andre Jackson saying, “I’m sorry, Lisa,” Cleveland.com reported.

Neighbor Andre Jackson had shot him to death. Andre told police it was self-defense. Arguments between the former friends created bitter blood between them, which finally spilled over that Wednesday night. The argument started around 7 o’clock when Michael Davis saw Andre Jackson blowing leaves into his yard. What Davis didn’t realize was Jackson had a gun on him—tucked away from view.

At some point, Andre Jackson retrieved his gun and fired three times. Bedford Heights police believed he used excessive force. They placed him under arrest and held him on a $1 million bond. Paramedics transported Michael Davis to the local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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A Few Questions

  • Why was Andre Jackson blowing leaves in his neighbor’s yard? Didn’t he know, after years of trouble with Michael Davis, that it would aggravate the situation more?

  • Why was he carrying a gun while blowing leaves on the lawn?

  • Why is Andre Jackson walking around a free man?

According to a judge at his 2015 trial, Andre Jackson had a reason to feel threatened. Neighbors said some unsavory things about Michael Davis’ character. Jackson was later found not guilty.

Michael Davis is remembered by friends and family as an amazing boxer who loved to restore cars. He left behind seven children. You’ll see how it all comes together when you watch Fear Thy Neighbor: Not In My Yard (Blown Away?) this Saturday, October 5.



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