Pam Candelario: ‘Jehovah Jinx’ Witness Killer Ralph Candelario On ‘Valley Of The Damned’ TV Show


Pam Candelario and Ralph Candelario will be the focus of ID’s killer TV show Valley of the Damned: “The Jehovah Jinx.” The tragic Candelario case involves Ralph Candelario, a Jehovah’s Witness, who murdered his wife, Pam Candelario, in their home during a fake home invasion in Walsenburg, Colorado. He’s also suspected of most likely killing his former wife, Dena Candelario.


Valley of the Damned episode “The Jehovah Jinx” on Investigation Discovery Channel

When the wife of a Jehovah’s Witness is savagely murdered¬† during a home invasion, police focus their attention on her injured husband, who might have staged the deadly attack.


Wife And Mother Found Dead In Home

Pam Candelario, a 48-year-old antique and gift shop owner, was found deceased in her 302 West Third Street home in Walsenburg, Colorado in January of 2014. Police were called to the scene after neighbors heard Ralph Candelario, 50, screaming that he had been attacked by intruders.

At the county morgue, an autopsy examination found that Pam Candelario’s cause of death was blunt force trauma. Ralph, who was rushed to the hospital, had survived his injuries. The story the seemingly distraught man told detectives didn’t ring true.


Dena Candelario [Image via Investigation Discovery/with permission]

The scene was staged, and it looked like Pam was the intended target. This caused police to take a closer look into the Candelarios marriage, where they found a history infidelity and one shocking detail—that Ralph Candelario’s previous brown-haired, blue-eyed wife, Dena Candelario, had vanished mysteriously in 2004, according to The Charley Project.

Pam and Ralph Candelario met at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Pam was married to another man, and Ralph was engaged. They began having an affair while chaperoning a youth group. Rumors ran rampant through the Kingdom Hall as congregants tried to figure out what was really going on between the two married people. The affair was eventually uncovered, and they received discipline from the congregation’s strict elders.

***Being an alcoholic and not adhering to the principle of keeping the marriage bed without defilement could mean a harsh punishment for members—a¬† loss of congregational privileges, and worse, one could be expelled from the congregation.

After Pam and Ralph Candelario married, there were more problems between them than love. Pam was still drinking, and Ralph was still cheating. Keeping up the facade of a loving and devout Christian couple was important to Pam Candelario since they had worked hard to regain the respect and approval of the church. Though toward the end of her life, she told a few people she planned to leave her husband.

When she was found brutally murdered, her death shook the community, church members, and her customers. All evidence linked Ralph Candelario as the killer. Court records lay out the following evidence.

“[Ralph Candlario tried] to destroy evidence by washing throw rugs covered in Pam’s blood. He further tampered with the crime scene by staging some items in the home and removing others. Then, he falsely reported to investigators that two strangers had assaulted him and murdered Pam in the course of a robbery.”

For the murder of Pamela Candelario, Ralph Candelario was arrested, tried, and convicted of murder. Today, he’s serving a life sentence. Watch Valley of the Damned: “The Jehovah Jinx” on ID tonight at 10/9 p.m.

[Main image via Investigation Discovery/permission use granted]

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