Jasmine Nunez, Andres Ceballos: Watch ‘Web Of Lies’ ‘Girl With The Lotus Flower Tattoo’—New York Dating Murder


Jasmine Nunez, also known as Jasmine Maxine Nunez, was killed by jealous boyfriend Andres Ceballos eight years ago. Now, Investigation Discovery brings her story back to life in an episode of Web of Lies: “The Girl With The Lotus Flower Tattoo.” The crime TV show will highlight the role social media played in the victim’s death. Jasmine Nunez vanished without a trace before her flaming body was found in a New York State park. Andres Ceballos was never brought to justice. He killed himself during a traffic stop with police, Bronx reported.

Web of Lies episode “The Girl With The Lotus Flower Tattoo” on ID

When firefighters are called to a scene of a brush fire at a New York park, they find the body of a young woman with one identifying characteristic—a lotus flower tattoo.


Who’s This Girl With The Lotus Flower Tattoo?

The starting point for this murder case began on June 12, 2011, after firefighters were dispatched to New York’s James Baird State Park to extinguish a brush fire. Sadly, they discovered the remains of a dead Latina lying face down on the ground. Still smoldering, the body, which was tattooed with a lotus flower in red, purple, and green was lifted onto a gurney and taken to the medical examiner’s office, where it would lie unclaimed and unidentified for a week.

Meanwhile, the family of Jasmine Nunez were beside themselves with anxiety. They hadn’t seen or spoken to twenty-two-year-old Jasmine Maxine Nunez in days. The dental hygienist hadn’t shown up to work or her classes, and calls made to her phone went unanswered. However, activity on her Facebook account made everyone think she was still alive.

Back at the police station, detectives scoured social media, particularly Facebook, where they placed information about the dead girl who was found in the park, along with a photo of the lotus flower tattoo in case someone could identify their victim.


Posted by The Jasmine Nunez Foundation on Sunday, September 11, 2011

A short time later, the family of Jasmine Nunez got a call they’d never forget. Someone had told them about the photo online. It sounded like it could be Jasmine. Sure enough, the body had a name. And an autopsy report confirmed her death was a homicide. Someone struck her repeatedly and then dumped the body in the park.

At least one witness told police detectives they saw a car leaving the crime scene that same day. Jasmine Nunez’s boyfriend, Andres Ceballos, 26, was nowhere to be found at first. When police found him during a traffic stop in Virginia, Andres Ceballos shot himself to death to avoid capture.

Relatives say [losing] Jasmine Nunez is the worst thing that could have ever happened to them. Jasmine met Andres at the airport, where he worked in the security department. They hit it off, fell in love, and moved into an apartment in the Bronx. But the relationship between them became strained. Andres Ceballos was insanely jealous of Jasmine Nunez, and he watched everything she did and monitored who she texted by hacking into her Facebook account. Jasmine had found out some disturbing things about him and was planning to leave.


Posted by The Jasmine Nunez Foundation on Sunday, September 11, 2011


Police say after Andres Ceballos murdered his girlfriend, he logged into her social media accounts so everyone would believe she was safe. Here is the Facebook page for The Jasmine Nunez Foundation that was established after her domestic violence killing. Watch her story tonight on Web of Lies: “The Girl With The Lotus Flower Tattoo” on Investigation Discovery at 9/8 p.m. Central.


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