Jeffrey Dampier, Victoria Jackson: Watch ‘Fatal Attraction’ ‘At All Costs’–Millionaire Lottery Murder Of Popcorn Businessman


Jeffrey Dampier, the Illinois lottery winner who was murdered for his millions, airs on TV One’s Fatal Attraction tonight. In the episode titled, “At All Costs,” viewers get to witness the events that led to the gourmet popcorn king’s murder. Jeffrey Dampier was set up and killed by his wife’s sister, Victoria Jackson, and Victoria’s boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson in 2005. Today, they’re both serving three life sentences for the millionaire’s killing.


Fatal Attraction episode “At All Costs” on TV One

An Illinois lottery winner is found dead in his van, and the investigation into his death reveals a shocking and long-held secret.

In 1996, Jeffrey Dampier finally got a lucky break after years of struggling financially. He won the Illinois state lottery for $20 million. His whole family celebrated by purchasing the things they’d always wanted. Kind and considerate, Jeffrey Dampier didn’t hesitate to help those in need. And with no shortage of money, it seemed his life was sealed in gold.



Victoria Jackson and Jeffrey Dampier.

Posted by Jean Kenny on Monday, May 14, 2018


But like many who have won the lottery, it didn’t end well for Jeffrey or his family. The money attracted beggars and jealous family members. His wife, Crystal Dampier, had to stop her husband from giving her sisters money. And when the money train stopped, Crystal’s sister, Victoria Jackson, did something that chilled everyone to the core. The evil sister-in-law conspired with her boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson, to kill Jeffrey Dampier for his lottery winnings.

Nathaniel Jackson harbored a deep hatred for Jeffrey Dampier, especially the way he flaunted his wealth in front of poor folks who he knew needed money. And if Dampier was no longer going to provide them with the fine things they craved, they decided to take it.

In 2005, Tampa, Florida prosecutors say Victoria Jackson seduced her sister’s husband to come to an apartment. When he arrived, Nathaniel Jackson surprised Jeffrey Dampier, shoved him into his van, and Victoria left him with a gunshot wound to the head, according to BET.

Living in a posh gated community hadn’t offered Jeffrey Dampier the protection he needed. An investigation exposed a dirty secret. The millionaire had been engaging in an intimate affair with Victoria Jackson since she was 15-years-old. This disgusted Nathaniel Jackson and made him want revenge.


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Find out how police nabbed the killer couple. Watch Fatal Attraction: “At All Costs” tonight at 10/9 p.m. on TV One.

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