Kevin Neal, Danny Elliott: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ ‘Deadly Turn’–Rancho Tehama School Shooter, Wife Killer


Kevin Neal (Kevin Jansen Neal), Rancho Tehama Elementary school shooter and killer of wife, Barbara Glisan, 38, will have his and Danny Elliott’s story re-told in Investigation Discovery Channel’s Fear They Neighbor: Deadly Turn. Neighbors Danny Elliott, 38, and Diana Steele, 68, were in a dispute with Kevin Neal. The feud led to a stabbing and the murder of many other people. Kevin Neal, 43, killed himself during a shoot-out with police.

In November of 2017, Kevin Neal went on a killing rampage, motivated by his on-going disputes with neighbors Danny Elliott, Danny’s mother, Diana Steele, and Danny’s girlfriend, Hailey Poland, according to the LA Times. Court and police records show that over 20 phone calls were made to 911 to report the dispute. The calls were made by Elliott and Steele, who claimed Kevin Neal often fired his guns and made threats against him and his young son, according to KRCR News.


“I’ma kill you, boy.”

Barbara Glisan (Barbara Gilsan) also called 911 just under 10 times, stating Danny Elliott would pass by their home and call them names, even after a restraining order against Kevin Neal was in place. Kevin Neal complained that rat poison had been tossed in his backyard with the dogs.



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Kevin Neal’s anger was out of control. He was prone to outburst and picking up a knife whenever he wanted. He was also abusive to his wife, Once, when Barbara Glisan called the cops and handed the phone to her husband, “he smashed it on a tree” () and then “stabbed it.”

Barbara Glisan came to Northern California from North Carolina. She tried to have a good life with her dogs and her husband, Kevin Neal. They married May prior, according to Sacbee. But it was next to impossible to be happy in her marriage to a mentally ill, paranoid man who couldn’t keep a job. Down on her luck, Barbara Glisan’s father helped out by buying them the small trailer on Bobcat Lane. Sadly, it was rundown and had several junk cars parked in front. They had lost a nicer house to foreclosure, records indicate.

Kevin Neal’s sister cried as she described how her brother’s mental health declined over the years. As a youngster, he loved to crack jokes and sing opera. She said their family never could’ve imagined that the same sensitive boy could grow up and commit that sort of crime. It’s the type of pain only loved ones of the mentally ill can understand.

The complaints between the feuding neighbors stretched back to 2016. Kevin Neal was convinced his neighbors were running a meth lab. The whole time, the tension was building and brewing inside him. The neighbors didn’t know it, but Kevin was going to make good on all his threats. Sadly, other innocent people had to die.


Rancho Tehama Reserve 6970 Bobcat Lane at Fawn Lane in Corning, California

On a late Monday night, police say neighbors heard Barbara Glisan arguing with her husband, Kevin Neal. At some point, he shot her and stuffed her dead body under the floor through a hole he cut in the boards. The next morning, he prepared to take everyone out. Dressed in military clothing, Kevin Neal armed himself with rifles, killed his neighbors, and then shot at a woman he allegedly stabbed months prior. But the wild-haired man with the crazed look in his eyes had one more person in mind he wanted to get rid of— Danny Elliott’s seven-year-old son. Once he arrived at Rancho Tehama Elementary school, Kevin Neal opened fire, injuring several people.



Luckily, a school employee heard the gunshots in the distance, and the school was immediately locked down. After leaving the school, Kevin Neal shot a woman, stole her car, then sped away, shooting people as he made his way down the road. Police eventually ran his car into a ditch.

Kevin Jansen Neal died in the shootout with police. Just days earlier, he predicted his fate to his mother.

“I’m on a cliff with nowhere to go.”

Aside from Danny Elliott, Diana Steele, and Barbara Glisan, several unnamed students were injured in the attack. The ages were listed as 10, 10, 7, 7, 6, and 6.

The Tehama County Sheriff released a list of Kevin Neal’s other victims.


Posted by Frank Somerville KTVU on Saturday, November 18, 2017


  • Michelle Iris McFadyen, age 55
  • Joseph Edward McHugh III, age 56


  • Tiffany Nai Phommathep, age 31

  • James A. Wood I, age 43

  • James A. Wood II, age 20

  • Troy Lee McFadyen, age 47

  • Jessie Allen Sanders, age 39

  • Francisco Gudino Cardenas, age 34

Watch Fear Thy Neighbor: “Deadly Turn” this Saturday, September 21 at 10/9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.


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