Tamisha Ridge, Dameshlo Green: Watch ‘Web Of Lies Death Of An Internet Star’ Profiles YouTuber ‘Meesha’


Tamisha Ridge (Tamisha Glashen), the YouTube star murdered by Dameshlo Green, will have her case profiled on Web of Lies: Death of an Internet Star, a crime TV show on Investigation Discovery. Police say Tamisha Ridge was known by her YouTube fans as DIYMeesha and MeeshaBooh. California criminal Dameshlo Green was her ex-boyfriend and the father of one of her children.


Web of Lies episode “Death of an Internet Star” on ID

A popular YouTuber begins a fashion empire and lives her dreams. But when she is found dead in her bed, police uncover a jealous ex in her past who couldn’t let her go.



Boss Lady Seamstress Found Dead In Bed

In May of 2014, someone sneaked into thirty-one-year-old Tamisha Evette Ridge’s home during the early morning hours and shot the successful fashion designer and YouTube sensation in her sleep. Her children were home at the time of the shooting, and a visiting relative laid nearby on a couch in the next room. Who had killed Tamisha Ridge was a mystery. However, family members were sure who had done it.

Police were advised to speak with Tamisha Ridge’s thirty-four-year-old ex, Dameshlo Green, a brutal man who had a criminal record a mile long when it came to abusing women. With several prior convictions of domestic abuse, no one could explain how the man was released and permitted to crawl the streets at night.

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Tamisha Ridge sure tried to get away from him. His constant threats had left her afraid for her life. With her family’s help and a restraining order in place, the single mother of three packed her things and left Los Angeles to live in Sacramento, California. But police say Dameshlo was determined to kill her. He tracked down her Woodbine Avenue address and entered the house quietly through an unlocked door then fired the fatal shot as she slept in her bed. It isn’t clear if Tamisha managed to glimpse her killer before she took her last breath.

Days later, Tamisha Ridge’s father expressed his outrage and said he “misses his baby.” He also warned women to be careful about dating “silly” men who mean them no good, according to an interview with the Sacramento Bee.

Next, Dameshlo Green turned himself into Sacramento County detectives. At a court hearing, the mother of Tamisha Ridge called her daughter’s killer “a devil’s son.”

YouTube fans watched Meesha’s star rise as she grew in popularity with her sewing video tutorials. A true entrepreneur, Tamisha Ridge, was beautiful, loving, and determined to carve out a nice life for her family. Sadly, it was all taken away in a moment.


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It appears one of her original YouTube channels has been removed. Tamisha ‘Meesha’ Ridge uploaded her last YouTube video the day before her murder. Other YouTubers were able to capture some of her videos. The channel Meesha Booh is still up. Her Facebook page can be found here.

Dameshlo Green was finally convicted in 2018. While in prison, a lonely Green was on the hunt for another female. On the Write-A-Prisoner website, he set up a profile and described himself as “sincere” and a “breath of fresh air.”



[Courtesy of Write-A-Prisoner]

The victim also had a husband and was known as Tamisha Ridge-Glashen and Tamisha E. Glashen. He sings a lovely song to her in the following video as he pays tribute to her.

Some of Meesha’s YouTube fans found out about her death months after her passing and were devastated.

“I only found her channel yesterday and was so excited to finally find a sewing DiY that is so easy to follow along and then my sister informed me of her death. I just wish to leave my condolences even though it is many moons after. RiP beautiful lady. Thank you for the videos xXx.”
“Wow, I was in the fabric store yesterday, talking to a lady in the check out line. I was sharing with her that I watch youtube to get ideas and inspiration. I mentioned Meesha as my favorite because she gave me so many ideas even though I’ve been a seamstress since 8th grade. This lady informed me she was deceased and proceeded to tell me about her death. I’m saddened by her death and the person who took her life. I pray for the family, that they find peace in all of this. God will give you beauty for your ashes. My father was killed 10 years ago and time will heal your wounds. God bless you and your family.”


To understand her story better, watch Web of Lies: Death of an Internet Star on Tuesday, September 17 at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery channel.


Tamisha Ridge’s YouTube Channel

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