Troymaine ‘Troy’ Johnson, Katie Coursey: Watch ‘Deadly Women Without Mercy,’ Featuring The Paige Conley Crime


Troymaine ‘Troy’ Johnson and Katie Coursey’s case airs on ID’s Deadly Women along with the Paige Conley and Carlene Conley story. In the episode titled, “Without Mercy,” viewers watch as girlfriend Katie Coursey shoves her paraplegic boyfriend out of a car and leaves him in the woods for dead. The first crime case deals with Paige Conley, a woman who killed her elderly mother, Carlene Conley, and blamed it on trick or treaters.

Deadly Women 2019 episode “Without Mercy” on Investigation Discovery

In Independence, Kansas, a woman finds her aging mother dead on the kitchen floor. In rural Georgia, a paraplegic man is found dead in the woods.


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A Deadly Dinner

On March 14, 2015, police entered a home in Independence, Kansas, where they found a grisly scene. The body of Carlene Conley, age 69, was on the floor and drenched in blood, with teeth marks, and over 70 puncture wounds. Carlene Conley’s 38-year-old daughter told police she discovered her mother in the kitchen after trick or treaters killed her.

With no sign of forced entry, it was obvious to police they were already looking at the killer. Paige Conley was arrested and booked into the county jail under the name Lara Paige Conley. Detectives learned the victim’s death was the bloody end of many years of abuse by her daughter.

Babied by everyone in the family, Paige Conley tried to manipulate everyone around her. Claiming to be mentally ill, Paige popped pills and brutally battled everyone in the house. Her sister, who appears on the show, said Paige Conley was pretty and smart. But scary.

Their mother blamed Paige Conley’s disturbing behavior on the divorce. Trying to raise Paige as a single mother was stressful to Carlene, and it often disrupted their lives. She even lost her job over her daughter’s behavior. When she couldn’t get pills from the doctor, Paige Conley began robbing neighbors’ medicine cabinets and often paired the pills with alcohol.

Paige Conley’s family wanted her to be put in jail after she attacked their mother. However, Carlene’s heavy heart wouldn’t have it. Against the advice of everyone, she allowed Paige back into the house. This turned out to be a mortal mistake.

Carlene Conley was savagely murdered after Paige Conley became enraged over dinner. Labeled a menace to society, Paige was placed in prison and handed a sentence of 27-years in prison. Experts believe that Paige held deep resentment and contempt for her mother. In 2019, the sentence was vacated. Leagle court documents found laid out the following.

“[After filing] a motion seeking funds to hire a mental health expert to assist her in preparing for trial, [Paige Conley] supported her motion with evidence that she has a history of various mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, disassociation, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and panic attacks [and that] the circumstances surrounding the murder, including 77 stab wounds, 27 incise wounds, and two bite marks to Carlene’s body, raised clear indications that there were potentially significant mental health issues involved in the case that might prove crucial to Conley’s defense.”


Troy Johnson & Katie Coursey: Down and Out in Georgia

Troy Johnson, age 33, of Fort Valley, disappeared in March of 2017 and was found dead in the cold woods of Upscon County, not far from Thomaston. According to police, Troymaine was found without his wheelchair.

A missing person’s report had been filed by the victim’s grandmother, who said her paraplegic grandson was supposed to go for a short ride to the store with girlfriend Katie Coursey (Ruby Kate ìKatieî Coursey). However, he never returned home. It was later concluded that Katie Coursey had gone on a drug binge. She became depressed when she realized what she had done.

In a confession made to police, Katie Coursey (Ruby Kate Coursey) said she became angry and did a bad thing. She left Troymaine Johnson alone in the woods after he called the police because Katie refused to take him home. Unable to remember the exact location where she dumped him, she described as much about the area as possible. Finally, police were able to locate him at a hunting camp. An autopsy disclosed that he died of hypothermia.

Finding out Troymaine Johnson’s fate was almost too much for his family to take. Katie acted as though she loved Troy, and she took good care of him. Troy had been in a wheelchair after accidentally shooting himself since the age of 11. The family was glad that the aspiring rapper had found someone to love him a much as they did—so they thought.


The 33-year old died from hypothermia

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Katie was arrested and charged with murder and neglect of a disabled adult. In court, she cried for long periods and couldn’t face the family. Currently, she’s serving life in prison.

Watch both murder cases on Deadly Women: Without Mercy tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.


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