‘Home Abduction’: Watch Movie On Lifetime Movie Network, AKA ‘House Of Deadly Secrets’


Home Abduction is a 2019 movie airing on Lifetime Movie Network. Known formerly under the title House of Deadly Secrets, which premiered on Netflix, Home Abduction brings up the secret practice of not revealing a home’s bad history to a potential buyer. Lifetime’s Home Abduction stars Angie Patterson as Maggie Richards, Violet Hicks as Ava, and Patty McCormack as Sylvia Holmes.


Home Abduction Lifetime Movie Review-Synopsis

For mother and daughter Maggie and Ava Richards, moving into their newly flipped house is a new beginning. In between unpacking the boxes, hanging the curtains, and meeting the friendly new neighbor, it appears this family of two will be happy in their new home for years to come.

But as they settle in, strange things start to occur. It looks like this house has a dark past—one that began with Veronica and Henry Thomas, a young couple who bought the home in the 1970s and whose little girl was abducted from the home and never found.

The story gets worse. Veronica killed her husband, Henry Thomas, by plunging a knife into his chest. Now, Maggie demands to know why the realtor didn’t disclose the house’s bad history. And, could their good neighbor Sylvia Holmes no more about the missing girl and the tragedy that occurred?

Watch Home Abduction this Friday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). In case you miss it, Home Abduction still airs on Netflix under the title House of Deadly Secrets.


[Image via Lifetime Television/with permission]



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