Erica Stokes, Deigo Bailey: Watch ‘For My Man Dangerously Desperate Erica Stokes’ Georgia Backyard Drug Dealer Murders


Erica Stokes helped Deigo Bailey murder two drug dealers. Their story airs on one of TV One’s most popular criminal shows, For My Man. Experts will give commentary about the Mableton backyard murders of Wilbert ‘Tutu’ Deroulot and Jerry Bell in 2009. The episode for this week’s For My Man is titled “Dangerously Desperate–Erica Stokes.”

For My Man episode “Dangerously Desperate–Erica Stokes” on TV One

When two young men are shot to death in their backyard, investigators uncover an elaborate plot to help a broken-hearted woman return to her man.



Prosecutors said Erica Stokes agreed to set up two drug dealers to be killed at a rental home in Mableton. It was all part of a plot to help Deigo Bailey, of Austell, and Erica Stokes obtain the money they needed to hire a Georgia criminal lawyer for Erica Stokes’ boyfriend, who was in prison for murder. The man in prison was Deigo Bailey’s brother, court records state.

Erica Stokes and Deigo Bailey figured the easiest way to get money was to rob drug dealers Wilbert Deroulot and Jerry Bell at what was known as the “strip party house.” On the day of the killings, police received a 911 call from a neighbor, who heard the gunshots coming from 511 Villa Avenue Southeast.

When Cobb County detectives arrived, they found Wilbert Deroulot, age 31, and Jerry Bernard Bell, age 30, dead. Detectives were quickly led to a person of interest in the homicide case, court records show.

[Deigo] Bailey picked up the rifle as they left to go to the victims’ house. The four took two vehicles, with Stokes taking Moore in her car and Bailey driving his girlfriend’s black Honda with Ford as a passenger. The black Honda had a distinctively loud muffler. Upon arrival, Bailey and Ford waited outside while Moore and Stokes entered the house. Stokes texted Bailey, updating him on the situation inside. Sometime after 3:00 a.m., Bailey and Ford walked up to the house and hid behind a green vehicle.

Erica Stokes, along with another woman, kept Wilbert Deoulot and Jerry Bell occupied inside the home. Meanwhile, Deigo Bailey hid outside with a handgun and an assault rifle. When he received a text stating it was the right time to ambush the men, Deigo fired multiple shots at Wilbert Deroulot and Jerry Bell as they stood on the porch in the backyard.

An autopsy report stated Wilbert Deroulot was shot nine times, and Jerry Bell was shot six times. U.S. Marshalls found Deigo Bailey at a house in Palmetto and arrested him. Here are the names of the others who were also originally arrested in connection with the murders: Shawndel Dandre Ford (Shawndel D’Ander Ford), age 18, of College Park, Erica Stokes, age 27, and Kendra Moore, age 19, of Lithia Springs.



Shawndel Ford [image via Georgia Prisons]

Deigo Demetrius Bailey, Erica Chrishawnna Stokes, and Shawndel Ford were found guilty for their crimes and put in prison. Today, they are serving long sentences for the slayings. It appears Kendra Moore was released.

  • **Nine years earlier, Wilbert Deroulot was arrested and charged with theft in the armed robbery of a Papa John’s pizza delivery driver.
  • **Deigo Bailey tried to appeal his conviction. The conviction was upheld.

Watch Erica Stokes’ story on TV One’s For My Man: “Dangerously Desperate Erica Stokes” at 9 p.m.


[Main image via Georgia Prisons]


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