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Tiffany Jenks, Daniel Bruynell: Watch ‘The Wonderland Murders Deadly Decision’–Blue Lake Park Shooting Death

Tiffany Jenks died at the hands of Daniel Bruynell six years ago in Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon. Her untimely and shocking death airs on ID channel’s crime show The Wonderland Murders tonight. In the episode titled “Deadly Decision,” a re-enactment of her last hours will be highlighted. Daniel Bruynell is serving time at the Snake River Correctional Institution.


The Wonderland Murders episode “Deadly Decision” on Investigation Discovery Channel

After a young woman is found dead in an Oregon park, police are led to multiple suspects: her boyfriend and a shady crew of strangers she met at a club.


In September of 2013, Tiffany Jenks’ sister was worried when she was unable to find Tiffany Jenks. She got the shock of a lifetime when police informed her that Tiffany Jenks, a 35-year-old former hydrologist, had been found dead in Blue Lake Park in Fairview. Even more troubling, her family wondered how Tiffany got to that location since she didn’t drive a car at the time of her death.

Coroners ruled her death a homicide after finding a bullet in her skull. It was determined that Tiffany Jenks spent her last hours drinking and partying at a local bar with three strangers—a deadly group of people who had an evil plan laid out for her.



Michelle Karine Worden-Brosey and Joshua Robinette eventually turned themselves into police for failing to report what happened. The killer, Daniel Bruynell, a 25-year-old 6ft tall man with Hawaiian/Pacific Islander good-looks, was arrested in California. He killed Tiffany Jenks hours after meeting her, according to an affidavit found at the Tiffany Jenks WordPress blog. In the end, he accepted a first-degree manslaughter charge and was sentenced to 18-years-in prison.


[via Oregon Dept. of Corrections]

To find out what led to the tragic events and how one deadly decision led to murder, watch Tiffany Jenks’ story on The Wonderland Murders: “Deadly Decision” true crime documentary at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to her case.



[Image via Police file photo and Facebook]



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