Thomas ‘Tony’ Randolph, Marie Jackson: Watch ‘Murder In The Thirst Who Killed Detroit’s Finest’


Tony Randolph, aka Thomas Randolph Jr., lit the town with rich wife Marie Jackson-Randolph. But on BET’s Murder in the Thirst episode “Who Killed Detroit’s Finest?” viewers will learn that Detroit lawyer Tony Randolph’s lavish lifestyle was built on a lie. And there was secret. Tony Randolph hired alleged hit-man Sanirell Shannon to kill his previous wife, former police officer Sharron Randolph. Sanirell Shannon was later acquitted of the murder charges. Tony Randolph was convicted and sent to prison for the murder.


Murder in the Thirst episode “Who Killed Detroit’s Finest?” on BET Synopsis

Hotshot attorney Tony Randolph and his wife Marie are Detroit royalty. But secrets are lurking behind the mansion, the furs, and the diamonds.


26-year-old Sharron Randolph was shot dead on a cold night in January of 1982 outside the Empress Garden Chinese restaurant. According to her then-husband, Thomas ‘Tony’ Randolph, a Detroit attorney who specialized in Criminal Law, Sports Law, Entertainment Law, Civil Law, and Personal Injury Law, the couple was attacked as they walked in the parking lot to their car. Tony also told detectives a man with an accent snatched his wallet and hit him in the head. When he woke up, his wife Sharron Randolph was dead in the backseat. A court document lays out the following.




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“On January 8, 1982, Sharon Randolph was shot and killed in the parking lot
outside of the Empress Garden Restaurant in Southfield, Michigan. Defendant
contended, in his statements to the police, that a man followed him and his wife,
Sharon Randolph, from the Empress Garden Restaurant to their car grabbed him
by the collar from behind, placed an object to his neck, and stated if there were no
problems nobody would be hurt. Then, according to defendant, the man told him
to open the door, the man entered the left rear of the vehicle and pulled Sharon
Randolph into the backseat of the vehicle. Defendant’s statement to the police
was that he was then hit on the head twice and lost consciousness, but heard what
sounded like “firecrackers” in the background. When the police arrived on the
scene, Sharon Randolph was in the rear driver’s seat of the vehicle with her head
laying on her left shoulder and bleeding from the head. Sharon Randolph died of
multiple gun shot wounds.”


With no arrests, the murder of Sharron Randolph went cold for almost two decades. During that time, Tony Randolph used the insurance money from Sharron’s death to construct a new life as a prestigious lawyer. His current wife Marie Jackson-Randolph was a snazzy businesswoman who owned several daycare centers in Detroit.

Tony and Marie Randolph were the envy of many couples as they pranced around town in fancy clothing and a Rolls Royce. Many remember how Marie Randolph adorned herself in pricey jewels and luscious fur coats. In her expensive home were six chandeliers, a baby grand piano, 606 pairs of shoes, and 165 pairs of boots. But their rich lives came at a terrible price, and their thirst for money led to a bizarre end. Watch their story tonight on Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed Detroit’s Finest?” It airs on BET at 9/8 p.m. Central.



[via Michigan Dept. of Corrections/old entry]

The last known photo of Tony Randolph was taken in 2016. He died in prison in 2018. There is no online obituary. His full name is Thomas Harold Randolph Jr. (Thomas H. Randolph Jr.) Marie Randolph has since been released.



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