Ron Rudin, Margaret Rudin: Watch ‘Murder Board Scorned In Sin City’—Real Estate Mogul Mystery


The Ron Rudin, Margaret Rudin real estate millionaire mogul murder case comes to Murder Board tonight in the episode titled “Scorned in Sin City.” The Investigation Discovery crime show follows cases from the perspective of detectives who use a murder board to solve crimes. Ron Rudin vanished from Las Vegas, Nevada around Christmastime in 1994. His charred remains were found in the desert in 1995. Margaret Rudin, 51, his beautiful wife of seven years, killed him. On Murder Board: “Scorned in Sin City,” the following people will tell the story: true-crime author Michael Fleeman, Las Vegas Metro Police detectives Phil Ramos & Torrey Johnson, and ex-wife Caralynne Rudin.

Murder Board episode “Scorned in Sin City” on ID Network

A bullet-ridden skull found in the Nevada desert links back to a millionaire real estate mogul who disappeared weeks earlier.



[From left–Michael Fleeman, Phil Ramos, Caralynne Rudin, and Torrey Johnson/image via Investigation Discovery/with permission.

Ron and Margaret Rudin: Secret Lives In Sin City

When Ron Rudin didn’t show up to his office on a cold morning in 1994, everyone knew—if he was missing, he was dead. Margaret Rudin, his extravagant but beautiful wife, told investigators she last saw her husband after they argued about going to the movies. He later went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, he was gone.

A group of people night fishing in a nearby lake in the Mojave desert happened upon a skull. Detectives say charred bones and a gold diamond-encrusted bracelet were also found in the fire pit. The skull had visible bullet holes.

An autopsy confirmed his identity as 64-year-old Ronald Rudin. He died from multiple gun shot wounds, shot execution style. Margaret Rudin led investigators to believe that her husband’s seedy and secretive lifestyle could be the reason for his murder. Did he have enemies who were apart of organized crime?


For years, Ron Rudin’s murder was a true mystery. Sin City detectives needed that one clue to tie up the ends of the case. They got a lucky break in 1997 when a gun found in a lake matched the bullets that killed Ron Rudin.

Even more shocking information surfaced. The gun found in the lake belonged to Ron Rudin. He had reported it stolen while he was going through the divorce. Police say his wife, Margaret Rudin, was the killer. They believe she shot him to death in their mansion as he slept because she was about to lose everything, including his multi-millionaire estate.

Margaret Rudin became a fugitive from justice when she went on the run. She was captured after her case was featured on the TV show America’s Most Wanted. The glamorous grandma is serving a life sentence with eligibility for parole after serving 20 years.

On Murder Board: “Scorned in Sin City,” Ron Rudin’s ex-wife Caralynne Rudin describes him as soft-spoken, brilliant, and sweet. Michael Fleeman says Ron Rudin was a dashing millionaire figure who had an element of mystery and danger to him.

This true story mystery had all the elements for a made-for-TV movie: passion, betrayal, good-looking people, money—and of course, murder. Watch Murder Board: “Scorned in Sin City” tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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