‘A Lover Scorned’: Movie Watch– A Steamy Affair Leads To Murder On Lifetime


A Lover Scorned, also known as Scorned, is the latest Lifetime movie to air tonight. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, A Lover Scorned is directed by Roland Joffé and written by Leslie Greif and Nicholas Kazan. It’s a mystery thriller about a married woman who engages in a steamy affair and gets caught up in a murder case. It stars Emilie de Ravin as Brooke, Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Stevens, Leo Howard as Jake, and Nicole Marie Johnson as Tara.

Lifetime movie: A Lover Scorned-–TV Crime Sky’s tease

A hopeless woman stuck in a dying marriage starts an affair. Without knowing, she is lured into a bloody plan of murder. As her crazed boyfriend’s evil tendencies are revealed, she’s forced to play a wicked game of deception or become a victim herself.


A Lover Scorned Movie Synopsis

Brooke is a beautiful housewife, whose husband no longer pays attention to her or communicates with her. She’s missing two things from her life: passion and intimacy. She doesn’t know it. But someone has his eye on her, a handsome insurance salesman named Jake, who promises to take her on the ride of her life. He seduces Brooke, and reluctantly, she gives in to temptation and desire, acting out her fantasies with Jake day and night. But her secret rendezvous will come at a price. She’ll find out how high after she becomes embroiled in a dangerous murder plot driven by her diabolical lover, who just might make her his next victim.

Watch this Friday night flick (A Lover Scorned) tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Movie Channel (LMN).



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