Jennifer Snyder, David Rapoport: Watch Pregnant Lover Married Vet Murder On ‘Primal Fear The Appointment’


Jennifer Snyder,was gunned down by David Rapoport in North Whitehall Township in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania eight years ago. Now the scandalous story involving the pregnant woman and her married veterinarian lover will air on the crime show Primal Instinct on the ID Channel. The episode title for the Snyder-Rapoport murder case is “The Appointment.” Jennifer Lindsay Snyder, age 27, went missing before her body was found dumped at Trexler Nature Preserve. 


Primal Instinct episode “The Appointment” on Investigation Discovery

A young veterinary tech embarks on a passionate affair with a married doctor. But when she becomes pregnant and is later found dead in the woods, police wonder if the hunky vet’s controlling wife had something to do with it.



 Jennifer Snyder: Pregnant Maple Hills Veterinary Tech In Allentown Missing


When Jennifer Snyder missed a doctor’s appointment with her obstetrician and never returned to her Lower Macungie apartment in March of 2011, she was reported missing. Family and friends were frantic with worry. Still, they hoped she would return home safely. Unfortunately, she was already dead by the time anyone realized she was gone. 

For the past several years, Jennifer Snyder had been involved in a messy three-way love affair. She had met David Adam Rapoport, 30, a handsome but shy vet. The relationship began when she kissed him one night while working late at the Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital.

From there, Jennifer Snyder found herself on a roller coaster ride of emotions. David Rapoport had a wife and hadn’t planned to leave her. Though, he told Jennifer he was going to get a divorce. His true plan was to carry on the illicit love affair with his secret mistress while coming home to his wife, Elizabeth Rapoport, in Upper Gwynedd at night.



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Elizabeth Rapoport, a popular middle school teacher, eventually found out about the affair and told him to end it. It was apparent the affair was still going on when one night Elizabeth saw her husband driving in the mini-van with his mistress.

A violent physical confrontation ensued in the parking lot as his angry wife struck him and Jennifer Snyder with her hands. Spinning into a rage had left Elizabeth Rapoport with a harassment charge. David and Elizabeth separated briefly but later said they were trying to work it out. Elizabeth didn’t want to leave David. She had known him since they were children, and she supported him while he attended veterinary school.

But the affair didn’t end. David Rapoport gave Jennifer Snyder the impression he was in love with her and had even met her family. Then suddenly, his pregnant lover went missing.


In loving memory my sweet , we will miss you , love you and do great things in your honor ❤️

Posted by Jennifer Lindsay Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund on Friday, March 16, 2018

The puzzling case began to make sense after Hilary Schiavone, Jennifer Snyder’s 21-year-old roommate, told the police she last saw Jennifer a day earlier. She was heading to meet with the father of her unborn child, David Rapoport, a married veterinarian with whom she had been having an affair for three years. Hilary gave police one more piece of vital information. David always sent a text to Jennifer as he crossed the Turnpike.

Police uncovered a text David sent Jennifer hours earlier, telling her that he wanted to meet for a secret rendezvous and that he had a surprise. Though somewhat nervous, Jennifer Snyder was looking forward to meeting with David Rapoport and spending the entire night with him. Days earlier, he became enraged when Jennifer first told him she was two-months pregnant, and he began ignoring her, according to the roommate.

When Jennifer Snyder arrived at the location, David Rapoport shot her inside the car, placed her corpse in a bleach-soaked Philadelphia Eagles blanket, stuffed it in a garbage bag, and dumped the body at Trexler Nature Preserve—an area close to Allentown, according to McCall. The body was spotted during a search by air.


There will be no appeals for David A. Rapoport, the veterinarian who admitted killing his pregnant girlfriend in 2011,…

Posted by The Morning Call on Thursday, March 6, 2014

An autopsy report stated Jennifer Snyder was shot once in the back and twice in the mouth. David Rapoport later admitted to the affair and said he had tried to keep it a secret from his wife.

The case started coming together. David Rapoport was caught on video discarding a bottle of bleach in the dumpster. He hid Jennifer Snyder’s bloody car with one of the windows smashed behind a professional building. Two spent shell casings were located inside.

In David Rapoport’s car, investigators found a gun and duct tape with blood on it. Police took him into custody and charged him with the murder of Jennifer Snyder and her unborn child. One man who had known David since he was a small child, said he was sweet and was raised by good parents in a home on N. Apple Tree Lane.

Jennifer Snyder’s family was shocked because David seemed nice, caring, and pleasant. They also said the relationship between David and Jennifer was not just a fling.


Today would have been Jenn's 31st birthday. We know that her family and friends are missing her and feeling her loss…

Posted by Finding Jenn's Voice on Monday, June 23, 2014

The murder of Jennifer Snyder was planned. Before the murder, David Rapoport purchased a gun and later went to Target to buy baby wipes, bleach, and duct tape. 

  • According to Jennifer Snyder’s obituary, she loved to rescue and care for animals. She is the daughter of Patricia (Angelovich) Snyder and Terry Snyder.
  • David Rapoport married singer and pianist Elizabeth Robbins in 2004.
  • In 2014, Jennifer’s story was told in the documentary film Finding Jenn’s Voice. There is also a memorial Facebook page.
  • There is second Facebook page called the Jennifer Lindsay Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • Elizabeth Robbins divorced David in the summer of 2011.

Veterinarian David Rapoport pleaded guilty to murder and is serving two life sentences in prison for his crimes.Watch Jennifer Snyder and David Rapoport’s story on Primal Instinct: “The Appointment” tonight at 8 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.



[image via Investigation Discovery/Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections/with permission]

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