Clyde Reddicks, Jeffrey “Bub” Flaugher: Watch ‘Fear Thy Neighbor A Killer View,’–Vietnam Vet, Fireworks Feud In Kentucky


Cathy Reddicks’ husband, Clyde Reddicks, gunned down neighbor Jeffrey ‘Bub’ Flaugher in Carter County, Kentucky sixteen years ago. Details of the neighbor feud premieres on ID’s Fear Thy Neighbor: A Killer View tonight. Jeff Flaugher was shot to death in his trailer home, along with his girlfriend Teresa Leadingham, aka Teresa Ann Criswell. The couple begged for their lives. Clyde Reddicks almost received the death penalty. He later agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced to a total of 35 years in prison. 


Fear Thy Neighbor episode “A Killer View” on Investigation Discovery

When a young couple moves into a mobile home in the Kentucky Hills, the peaceful facade is shattered for an elderly couple, which leads to murder.


Looking For Trouble

Cathy Reddicks, 53, and Clyde Reddicks, 60, wanted to enjoy their lives in the Kentucky Hills. But when newcomers Jeffrey Flaugher, 26, and his spunky girlfriend, Teresa Leadingham, 29, moved into their mobile home, The Reddicks’ peaceful rural life was forever disturbed. Almost immediately, Teresa Leadingham and Jeff Flaugher kept up noise at all hours of the night. Court documents show they shot fireworks and aimed them into Cathy and Clyde Reddicks’ yard. 

What Jeff Bub Flaugher and Teresa Leadingham didn’t know was that Clyde Reddick was used to battling. A decorated Vietnam vet who had received three purple hearts, Clyde Reddicks’ time in the military had left him with post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional problems. His fragile nerves couldn’t take what Jeff and Teresa were dishing out. Cathy also had a hard time resting. The arguments were too much to bear. It looked like Teresa Criswell Leadingham and Jeff Flaugher were looking for trouble, and they found it with The Reddicks, according to investigators. 

Determined to regain control of his life, Clyde Reddicks fought back. He even left poisoned water in dishes outside for Teresa Leadingham’s dogs to drink. On the morning of the double killings, a furious Cathy Reddicks arrived at the trailer and yelled, while banging on the front door. When she got no answer, she stormed off and broke the windshield of their car.

Moments later, Clyde Reddicks aimed a gun inside Jeff Flaugher’s bedroom. Flaugher had an infant in his hand and had just put the baby down when the first shot rang out. A third person in the trailer, who witnessed the events, said Clyde Reddicks shot Jeffrey, then made his way inside the mobile home to finish off Teresa Leadingham (Teresa Ann Criswell).


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In the living room, Teresa begged Clyde not to shoot her. But he fired the gun anyway. In an interview with police, Clyde Reddicks said he killed them because they had threatened and harassed him repeatedly and hurled fat jokes down the hill at Cathy Reddicks. The comments about her weight bothered her so much that she underwent weight-loss surgery.



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Initially, Cathy Reddicks tried to take the blame for shooting Jeffrey Bub Flaugher. According to the Daily Independent, she pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of hindering prosecution and received a sentence of five years with two years served, one-year house arrest, and two years probation.

Clyde Reddicks died in February of 2012 in a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, his obituary stated. Today, his wife Cathy Campbell Reddicks lives in Morehead, Kentucky. Watch their story unfold tonight on Fear Thy Neighbor: A Killer View on the ID Channel.


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