Adam Smith, Barbara Smith: Secret Wedding Cake Box Is Mummy Baby Found In Dead Mother’s St. Louis Freezer


Adam Smith said he found a dead baby’s mummified body in a box he thought was a secret wedding cake in his mother’s freezer, according to Fox News. The baby mummy is undergoing an autopsy report to confirm how it died. Adam Smith, of St. Louis, Missouri, moved in with his cancer-stricken mother to help take care of her. She died last week. Adam Smith said he was told never to touch the box in the freezer. He always assumed it was a wedding cake or something else of importance. 

Believe it or not. For almost four decades, no one touched it. And his mother never explained what was inside. Adam Smith says his mother was always a very secretive person. The dead baby’s remains were found at address 6011 Magnolia Street. He now wonders if the baby, which had smooth hair and skin, died at birth or if something else more sinister occurred.


(From Fox News)


“There was a pink blanket, baby blanket, and when I reached down and touched it I could feel a foot,” Smith said, adding he “could see the baby’s head with hair — hair was still attached to it, smooth.”

Thinking back, Adam Smith believes he remembers his mother telling him a story about a sister dying before he was born. He hopes to find out more from the county coroner.

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