‘Deadly Dispatch’: True Story Movie On TV One Inspired By Beatrice, Terry Camper Taxi Cab Murder


Deadly Dispatch, TV One’s latest true story movie, takes inspiration from the Beatrice Camper and Terry Lee Camper taxi cab murder case of Peekskill, New York. The characters’ names in Deadly Dispatch have been changed. TV One’s Deadly Dispatch is directed by Morenike Joela Evans and written by Sade Sellers. The cast stars Bone Crusher as Shawn, Tamala Jones as Tiffany, DomiNque Perry as Amber, Jay Jones as Lawrence, and Steven G. Norfleet as Marcus.

In the real story, John Murray, age 62, shot and killed popular taxi-cab owner and driver Terrence ‘Terry’ Lee Camper, 53, for the insurance money. Terry Camper’s wife, Beatrice Camper, the 60-year-old mastermind behind the murder, was having an illicit affair with the ex-convict.



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Deadly Dispatch TV One True Story Movie Synopsis

Well-liked business owner Shawn is found dead in his taxi, and police think it’s a robbery gone wrong. But his childhood best friend, Tiffany, believes he was murdered, and she has her eyes on Shawn’s wife, a greedy salon owner with a deadly secret.


Deadly Dispatch: True Story 

In October of 2012, a mail carrier happened upon a scene on Pine Street. The body of a large black man was found slumped over in his taxi. Everyone knew him. It was Terry Lee Camper, and it looked like he had died of a heart attack. Upon closer inspection, the policewoman touched the back of his head. When she pulled her hand back, it was full of blood and a bullet. Someone had shot him, according to CBS News.


Unlike in the movie, Deadly Dispatch, police only entertained the idea of a robbery gone wrong for a few minutes. They quickly ruled out that theory when they found Terry Camper’s cash-filled wallet inside the cab. Still warm to the touch, paramedics rushed Terry to the nearest hospital, where he died.

A lover of people, Terry Camper came from a good family and worked hard for everything he had. He always wanted to be in business for himself, so he invested in a fleet of cars and started his taxi service. When he’d ride around town, everyone noticed. He was a large man with a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. The quiet, tight-knit community where the body was found sat on the banks of the Hudson River. But no one saw who shot Terry.



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Backing up a bit, Terry Camper had a way with the ladies. His size didn’t matter. With his charm, he could really pull them in. But when he met Beatrice, a cute and light-skinned single mother, he knew she could be his one and only. He eventually asked her to marry him.

They say Beatrice took to Terry right away. And since she had met him on his route as a taxi driver, there was no way, she was going to let some other woman snag him. For a while, in the early stages of their relationship, she sat right there in the front seat as he transported his fares. 

One thing about Terry Camper, he was husband material, a provider. He worked hard to take care of Beatrice Camper’s kids, who he treated like his own. And Beatrice treated him like her black king. Everyone envied them. 

Now, police needed to figure out the story behind this fatal fare. Who killed him? And why? They had little evidence. No weapon. No DNA. And no cell phone to see who had called him last because the killer took the phone. 


Ruth Smith—The best friend [via TV One/with permission]

Terry Lee Camper’s best friend, Ruth Smith, offered police some information. She often accompanied Terry to pick up his fares. Beatrice Camper didn’t seem to mind since the relationship was strictly platonic. Ruth said the last phone call Terry Camper received was from an 845 area code. Terry turned the fare down and told the called it would be twenty minutes. The caller said he’d wait.

Police traced the call to a Boost Mobile phone listed in a fake name. But a woman on Terry Lee Camper’s phone log gave a promising clue when she revealed that the number belonged to a guy in Newburgh, New York named John Murray. This was quite a lead, and the case became even more intriguing when police checked his background.

Court records indicate John Murray was an ex-con who did 20 years in prison for two murders. He was on parole at the time of Terry Camper’s killing. Murray was a rough and gruff type, a handsome hard-body who looked good for his age. John Murray told police he ran errands and came home. But camera surveillance on a bridge leading into Peekskill told a different story.

John Murray was captured on camera entering and leaving Peekskill at the time the murder took place. And there was something else more chilling. The prison phone log for John Murray showed that one of his visitors was none other than Beatrice Camper. 

As it turned out, Beatrice Camper was not a grieving widow. She was having a prison affair with John Murray and spending all of her husband’s money on the prison collect calls. Detectives found steamy love letters between John and Beatrice hidden in a shoe box in her closet. The lovers also had intimate relations in her house while Terry Camper was driving his cab. He had no idea they had plotted to murder him and cash in on a $200,000 insurance policy, so they could live extravagantly.



[Deadly Disptach: The real people–Beatrice Camper & John Murray/via police file photo]

Terry Lee Camper’s family was more than devastated upon hearing the news. Beatrice Camper had faked her grief so well. That—or either—she regretted what she’d done. For their selfish act, John Murray received life in prison with no chance for parole. Beatrice Camper testified against her former prison lover in exchange for a plea deal and a sentence of only 15 years. Watch Deadly Dispatch at 8/7 p.m. Central on TV One this Sunday.



Deadly Dispatch, SUNDAY 8/7C

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