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Evelyna LeBlanc and her killer Imani Williams will have their story told on The Wonderland Murders‘ episode “Once An Animal” on Investigation Discovery’s channel. Evelyna LeBlanc, a 15-year-old Oakland, California student, was one of three females who were attacked by would-be black serial killer Imani Charles Williams, aka Nodgie. Evelyna LeBlanc and Sharvettia Brown died from their injuries. The Wonderland Murders: “Once An Animal,” story is told from the perspective of lone survivor Illena Thompson, Evelyna’s mother, and Detective Molly Daul.


The Wonderland Murders episode “Once An Animal” on Investigation Discovery Synopsis

After a woman is attacked, investigators’ efforts to flesh out the killer run cold until the case links to a California criminal and a murder that occurred more than a decade earlier.




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Illena Thompson was leaving a bar when she was accosted at knife-point by a stranger. Her life was saved by a Good Samaritan on a skateboard who happened upon the scene. The man called the police, and Illena Thompson was transported to the hospital. No one was ever able to identify the man who saved her life.

The only evidence left behind at the scene was a tennis shoe. The attacker had run out of the shoe when he was interrupted. Illena Thompson could only remember that the attacker was a black man in his thirties, and he called himself “Nie” or “Nodgie.”

Police were able to extract DNA from the show, which later connected to the unsolved murder of Evelyna LeBlanc in Northern California in 1994. Evelyna LeBlanc disappeared from a football game on a rainy night. She attended the game with a female classmate but left alone on foot when it started to drizzle.



Victims from left to right: Evelyna LeBlanc, Sharvettia Brown, Llena Thompson—[image via Investigation Discovery/with permission]

Evelyna LeBlanc’s worried mother said her daughter was very serious about her studies and planned to attend Spelman College. She had a bad feeling when her daughter failed to call that night. Sadly, Evelyna was found barely alive around midnight at Jefferson Elementary School’s campus. Her clothes were missing from the waist down. Detectives covered her body with a raincoat and had her transported to the hospital, where she was later taken off life support. 

An autopsy report confirmed Evelyna LeBlanc was shot to death. Authorities believe she was walking in the field with her umbrella when the assailant shot her. He then (S) assaulted her. Retracing her steps, investigators spoke with a bus driver, who said he saw the young lady get off the bus with a male. According to everyone who knew the victim, she didn’t have a boyfriend or any enemies. From there, Evelyna’s case dried up. 

New life was blown into the case in the spring of 2007 when Sharvettia Brown, a 37-year-old single mother, was brutally killed with a claw hammer. After watching a news report on the case, a tipster called and told the investigators she saw a man physically attacking a woman outside her home. The victim was Sharvettia Monique Brown, and the man with her sped away in a white truck.

Another witness had even more information. She told police she saw Sharvettia Brown with a man in a white truck named Imani and that Imani tried to get her to get inside the vehicle. But she refused. Sharvettia Brown didn’t seem alright, so she tried to convince her to get out of the car. It was the last time she saw the woman. 

The investigation eventually linked Imani Charles Williams to all three women: Evelyna, Illena, and Sharvettia. Imani Williams was a 27-year-old drifter who once lived in Oakland, California, where Evelyna LeBlanc was killed. He was 14-years-old and attended a Catholic school when he committed the murder.

When asked if he “was that much of an animal.” Imani responded, “Once an animal, always an animal.” Cops were appalled by his calm demeanor. One detective said he had the eyes of a shark. In the end, Imani Williams pleaded guilty to Illena’s assault for which he received a little under eight years. For the murder of Sharvettia Brown, he received 30 years, Newsday reported. Watch The Wonderland Murders: “Once An Animal” at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery channel.

[Image via Investigation Discovery/with permission]

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