Charisse Christopher, Pervis Tyrone Payne: Watch ‘Impact Of Murder My Lacie’ On ID


Charisse Christopher and Pervis Tyrone Payne Millington death case airs tonight on Impact of Murder: “My Lacie” on ID. Charisse Christopher and her two-year-old daughter, Lacie, were savagely killed in their Millington, Tennessee apartment more than three decades ago by Pervis Tyrone Payne. Impact of Murder tells these tragic crime stories from the perspective of the victims and explains what a hard time they’ve had putting the pieces of their lives back together since the murder.


Impact of Murder episode “My Lacie” on ID

A single mother and her baby are found dead inside a Tennessee apartment.


Nicholas Christopher was just three-years-old when he saw a man in his home in 1987. On Impact of Murder, he recounts waking up from a nap to the screams of his mother and feeling a cold knife blade slicing his skin. Before he blacked out, Nicholas looked into the eyes of his dead mother as she stared blankly ahead.

28-year-old Charisse Christopher had moved into the apartment with her sister after leaving her abusive husband. When her sister moved out, Charisse lived there alone with her children. Police say one day Pervis Tyrone Payne entered her apartment and stabbed her multiple times, along with her daughter, Lacie. 

Investigators say as Pervis Payne stabbed Charisse Christopher, neighbors barbecued outside and ignored her screams. One person told investigators he saw the hand of a black man closing the door. When they arrived at the apartment, the killer bumped into them as he left the building. They found Pervis Tyrone Payne hiding in his ex-girlfriend’s attic, according to court records.


“Payne was apprehended later that day hiding in the attic of the home of a former girlfriend. As he descended the stairs of the attic, he stated to the arresting officers, “Man, I aint killed no woman.” According to one of the officers, Payne had “a wild look about him. His pupils were contracted. He was foaming at the mouth, saliva. He appeared to be very nervous. He was breathing real rapid.” He had blood on his body and clothes and several scratches across his chest. It was later determined that the blood stains matched the victims’ blood types.”




Those who knew Pervis Tyrone Payne said they were shocked by the killing. He was raised by a good family of church-going people who brought him up in love. Some also stated Pervis was known to be a good man who helped others.

Today, Charisse Christopher’s son, Nicholas, feels terrible that he couldn’t save his sister, Lacie. In an impact statement by Charisse’s family, her mother said, Nicholas asked her about Lacie constantly. He said, “I’m worried about my Lacie.”

This criminal case was the first to allow impact statements. All other states have since allowed them. Pervis Tyrone Payne is on death row for the double murders.


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