Abraham Shakespeare, Dee Dee Moore: Watch ‘Murder in the Thirst Who Killed The Lottery Millionaire’


Abraham Shakespeare was murdered by Dee Dee Moore in Florida after winning the lottery. His story airs on BET’s new true-crime show Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed The Lottery Millionaire.” Dee Dee Moore was thirsty to have Abraham Shakespeare’s millions at all cost. She was willing to kill for it. And she did kill for it. 


Murder in the Thirst episode “Who Killed the Lottery Millionaire?” on BET.

A recent lotto winner vanishes and police suspect his new lady-friend made off with his millions.

Woman 'befriended $30million lottery winner, swindled him out of his money and then murdered him before burying him in…

Posted by The Reporters on Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Abraham Shakespeare: The Millionaire Lotto Curse

Abraham Shakespeare disappeared in the spring of 2009. To his friends and family, it was the strangest thing. Shakespeare was rich. He had recently gone from clean up guy to a millionaire after winning $30 million in the lottery, opting later to take a lump sum of $17 million. With that load of cash, he bought an expensive shiny new car and a lavish mansion fit for a king. He wanted to share the money with his beloved mother, but she told him she wanted no part of it because the money was evil.

Abraham Shakespeare was missing for more than six months before anyone took it seriously and called the cops. Everyone speculated he was still alive and living in hiding because he was tired of people asking for his money. Dee Dee Moore help spread those rumors. But there was something more sinister at play. 



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The minute Dee Dee Moore came into his life, it all went downhill. She befriended him under the guise of helping him manage his money, and she was going to write a book about his life. However, the more Dee Dee became involved, she woo’d Abraham Shakespeare with her body and her charm. Unfortunately, he realized a little too late that he was losing control. Dee Dee had slowly taken over his finances, his bank accounts, and his life. 

With Shakespeare’s money, Dee Dee bought an impressive ranch home and expensive jewelry. Relatives and friends felt sorry for Abraham because he was a kind and generous man who would have helped anyone in need, including Dee Dee. 

Detectives located his body in her backyard, nearly a year after he disappeared. He had been shot in the chest twice. It was almost the perfect crime, ABC News reported. Today, Dorice ‘Dee Dee Moore’ is serving life in prison. She still claims she had nothing to do with the Abraham Shakespeare’s death.

Watch Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed the Lottery Millionaire” tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on BET.




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